The Ants in France Fall Happenstancely Into Dance

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Well, guess what. I’m going to France. While this doesn’t come at the most opportune time in my life (or bank account), my parents are footing the bill for the air ticket, so I don’t have much excuse. I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic trip.

As with Costa Rica, I will try to post updates here, but that may or may not happen. Ironically, it may be the best to just check my Facebook profile for my current status and location. As I write this, I pack the last of my things away. We’ll be gone a total of 14-ish days which means we leave Minneapolis on June 11th, and I’ll be back in Madison on June 25th.

Holli was nice enough to come and see us off as far as Big Stone, and she might be there awaiting us when we return. She’s also been nice enough to look after Haji for me while I’m gone, and she’s been nice enough to endure my sudden attempt at learning the language before I visit the country. This week has been a crash course in French. One site I found was quite helpful (although a little wayward) at getting me started. The language of the French is no longer a dense fog of uncomprehensible voodoo. I’ve found rhythm and reason. I even made up a little verb book today at work. Pronunciation, I fear, will be impossible, however.

Our schedule, with tentative dates, include:

I wrote my Spanish professor (who majored in French) asking for tips or tricks for safe and fun French travel, and she had this as a reply:

Zut alors! Je suis jalouse!!!!

My advice is be kind and they will be kind in return. Clermont-Ferrand sounds familiar. Is that in the south? I worked at a ag equipment factory in Montpellier the summer after college. It might be the same department.

You’ll love it. Just do whatever your mother tells you to do and you won’t go wrong! :)

Bon voyage!!!!!!!


I guess I’m set then. Of course, she’s never met my mother…

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  1. You never ASKED me if you could use that picture I took of the Eiffel Tower! It’s OK, I would have said yes. ;)

    Have fun everyone! I’ll miss you all, but not quite as much as Miles. Don’t forget about me.

  2. I guess I’m set then. Of course, she’s never met my mother…

    I’m saving that one.

    Bring me back some French Fries please.

  3. What happend to posting about your trip? I haven’t heard from any of you guys! (tony sad) :(

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