So Far…

Engaged!, originally uploaded by m!les.

Hello, all:

We have seen:

  • Minneapolis
    • Airport
  • Detroit
    • Airport ~for too many hours
  • Paris
    • Arc de Triomphe
    • Le Tour Eiffel
    • Notre Dame
    • l’Opera
    • Montmarte ~where Amelié is set
    • Musée du Louvre ~where Da Vinci Code is set
    • La Seine
    • Train station
  • Clermont-Ferrand
    • Train station
    • Notre Dame du Pont
    • Notre Dame

We will see:

  • Quiberon
    • L’océan Atlantique
  • Much much more…

I know this isn’t much of a post, but these keyboards are hard to type with. My French is getting better, and Alfred said that I’m the closest with pronunciation. However, the majority of the language is still a mystery to me. A mystery with delicious bread and cheese.

See that picture up there? Bryce and Linds got engaged! And so did Holli’s brother Adam and his fiancé Cari! Congrats all around.

Oh; and to Holli: Dad says Hi.

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  1. So Miles, when you and Holli gonna get hitched. You two can have a double wedding with Lindsey and Bryce.

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