dimanche 11 juin 2006

Dad, Mom
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Awaykened at 7:00ish. Boy was I tired. This day bean at my Great Aunt (ount in French) Josie’s place in Stillwater, MN. I opted out of a shower, and I didn’t feel greasy or anything so far.

Travelled to the airport. Said “goodbye” to Sue and Aunt Josie, as they were taking care of the vans. Relatively painless cruise through security and baggage. We eventually boarded and prepared to fly.

This was Molly and Brenna’s maiden (innaugral) voyage on a plane. So, Bryce and I were very determined to fill their heads with ideas. Bryce mentioned “The thing about flying, Brenna, is that 1 in 3 planes go down.” I found that hilarious. I would do all kinds of “oh, no…” and “oh, that’s not good” for the sounds of the plane.

Made it into Detroit ready to wait. For food, Molly and I ate at a Japanese sushi place. I showed her my stolen airplane safety cards. The sushi was good (see receipt, pic). Then we met with others and started a cribbage tourney. I played Linds and lost (but closely). I started reading and helped Brenna play her hand. Then I went walking. I stopped along the way to call Holli. She had just gotten back to Brookings. It was nice to talk to her. I’m lucky to have her in my life to care about me.

I walked up and down and just looked at stuff. I listened to music while I walked, and I carried my boarding pass. Annoying. On my way I found Dad and Molly. Then we saw a girl collapsed in the food area. She was terribly upset. Her sister (?), two security guards and another authority figure were trying to calm her down to little avail. I saw that girl two more times and I have yet to decide if she was pitiful or annoying. Either she was a scared little girl or a brat. Her sister wore a red, fancy dress (like you would to a pageant or contest).

We finally figured out our gate a little before six. So, I write this from the old gate. Now I’m moving. After sitting for a bit, Dad and Bryce found us. So, we went to find Mom and Linds for food. Went to a Mediterranean Grill place. I got Shish Kabobs (chicken) and needed instructions as to how exactly to eat it. Then we returned to our seats to board.

I’m back. See that mess to the right (there was a terrible black mess on the next page of the journal)? Well, apparently my pen exploded midflight. My hands, also, are covered in black ink. So, I’ll be writing this in green.

Okay, we’re flying over Ireland (just about). Getting on the plane was fine. This plane is much larger. It reminds me of something I said to Brenna earlier. “With airplanes that have more seats on one side than they do on the other, the problem isn’t taking off. The problem is staying airborne. Pilots usually lose control and crash.”

Not much has happened on this flight. We had a meal. There is a French family that I’m sitting next to, and the lady seems to have a really bad attitude. She nearly had a fight with the lady in front of her over a seat issue. It’s a shame because her family had seemed nice (except for her), and it isn’t giving me a very good image of the French so far.

I watched King Kong and during that we had supper. Then I decided to try to get some rest.

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