lundi 12 juin 2006

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Could not sleep. I suppose if I did this for a living, then I’d learn but tonight it didn’t work. It didn’t work for Brenna, either. So, I watched another movie. I saw DareDevil.

I had heard that it was rubbish from everyone, but I had my hopes. All for naught. The movie chose cliché and chees for plot and intelligence. I felt that it fell into too many genres for its own good. Sometimes it treated itself like a serious superhero movie and other times it turned campy.

Plus I hate Garner and Affleck (especially as action heros).

With the movie over, I decided to play a game on the in-game console. As it was loading Cave Crunch (or some such thing) it froze up. I considered asking a stewardess for assistance, but they said it takes 20 minutes to unfreeze the systems, and I figured we were nearly there, so I wrote a little instead.

It’s still dark. Hard to write. My eyes burn. And, last time I was in the bathroom, my eyes were red, too. I just wanted to play Cave Crunch.

We had a good trip through customs and then we found Camille (kah-mee) and her grandmother. She greeted us with an air kiss on both cheeks (a custom I’ll have to get used to). Then came a long ordeal to get a taxi. We taxied to her grandma’s place where we are staying for the next couple days. After sitting with her grandma and having a glass of (very dry) wine, we were off with Camille as our guide. Our 1er task was the Arc de Triomphe. It’s in the middle of the craziest block in Paris. So you have to go (cleverly) under the street. Then you are in the center of the craziness.

The Arc is huge. You look up, and up. All the major avenues go right up to and around it. It’s quite the sight. So, I figured, “Why not go up?” So, Dad, Molly and I bought tickets at 8, 3, and 5 euros respectively and climbed. It was a cool scene. Took many pictures. Some with me in them for Holliweather.

Then we came down (by jumping! no, just kidding; we had to use steps) and walked to the Eiffel Tower or Le Tour Eiffel. That amounted to walking up a total of 668 steps. They have two levels from which you can watch and walk to. A third, higher level is only reachable by elevator, costs money, and wasn’t really worth the view. I was still very winded from all the walking (and I think I started getting dehydrated) so I was slow going up, but I was determined to get to the top. The only real notable thing was that I was last down (of course) and I helped a Spanish-speaking couple take a picture. I said “queso” and “de nada”.

After that we walked back (which was very long) and I immediately changed into shorts (so as to not die) and I will probably not do pants again until further notice. It is quite a bit warmer than we had planned.

For supper we had sandwhiches, of loose bread and meat. The meat was excellent and the bread was verry good. I liked the salad but the dressing wasn’t what I like. Pickles, also, were a bit strong. Water seems to be in a sort of shortage so that might be why wine is drunk so often.

Later we met a cousin, Mathilde, and an uncle to Camille. The thing of note was that Mathilde speaks Spanish (whether in class or fluently, I know not), and I wsa suddenly on the spot.

“Miles, ask her where she’s going. Say it in Spanish.”

Much later than the awkward, completely uncommunicated exchange, I came upon “A donde vas?” but I wasn’t thinking Spanish at all on this trip. I’ve been thinking French (go figure).

So, then I showered, and then I wrote to Holli (via postcard) and now I’m doing the journal. Tomorrow should be hot. Bonne nuit.

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