BBQ at Kyra and Holli’s Apartment

Extreme Bite
Extreme Bite, originally uploaded by m!les.

There were two parts to my weekend. First off, Friday I treated Holli to a nice date. We ate at The Ram in downtown Brookings, suggested by Kyra, Holli’s roommate, and Kyra’s mom, who both remembered enjoying the meal. Friday was a random day for me. I would randomly spout gems like, “I bet birds have a love/hate relationship with wind.” and “I have a Curves bag, but I didn’t buy it; I won it, so that’s not the same as being gay.” Anyway, I kept this up at The Ram. Then we saw Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest, and I really liked it. Holli lamented that I was showing very little indication of whether I liked the movie or not, and I know that happens often to me. I get so caught up in figuring out and analyzing the movie that my face is registers nothing. I just stare.

The next day was the the BBQ. I got into Brookings around 2ish, and Holli was sleeping on a couch upstairs. Eventually we went and got ice, and then we waited for guests to arrive. When everyone finally showed up, we had Holli, Kyra, Me, Tyler, Fr. Paul (priest at the Newmen Center), Ariela (a friend of Holli’s from Dak), Bryan, Ben, and Emily (Holli’s friends from camp). The events of the weekend were: throwing football, throwing frisbee, cooking, eating, playing games, mass, and sleeping. How interesting would it be if I just wrote about that? So, I’ll write about the people.

  • Holli
    • Girlfriend
    • Host
  • Kyra
    • Girlfriend’s roommate
    • Had too much mountain dew
    • Thinks I’m better than a “brainiac”
  • Tyler
    • Lives with Fr. Paul at the Newman Center
    • Kinda quiet
  • Fr. Paul
    • Priest
    • Somewhat intense individual
  • Ariela
    • Works at Daktronics with Holli
    • Made fantastic dessert
  • Bryan
    • Works at the Okoboji Camp
    • Majored in Business and Marketing
    • Has a blog, but doesn’t update as much as he’d like
  • Ben
    • Has a mohawk
    • Is actually kind of preppy
    • Looks like Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) when he makes his angry, punk face
    • Extreme
  • Emily
    • Didn’t like Superman
    • Isn’t actually dating Bryan or Ben
    • Has big hands

There was event that is probably worth noting. Ben and Bryan were tossing around a frisbee outside. Well I had, as is my tradition, my digital camera in my left hand and a glass of soda in the right hand. Well, I was following Holli outside, where the frisbee was going on, and I suddenly heard “Watch out!”. I looked up, in Ben’s direction, and spied the green plastic disc coming at my face. My reflexes, being much like a cat’s on Prozac, caused me to do two things at nearly the same time: throw up my hands to protect my face and turn my body to protect my face. First my right arm went up, and the liquid in the glass with it. The fluid rose up and formed a serpentine shape, flowing and delicious, yet holding together in mid air. My force was such that this soft drink snake reached such a height as to raise above my head. In that moment my second reflex instigated, and I turned quickly, rotating right, to face the door. Just then the frisbee glanced the back of my neck and deflected to my right. This just as the liquid descended it’s journey to bring the near-fullness of mass upon my back. Like an eternity it lasted until at last I felt the wetness upon my shirt. The questions thereafter consisted largely of “How did you do that?” Well, that above is how I did that.

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  1. Uh, I think it’s really weird that you hung out with my friend Tyler. Just when I thought world’s couldn’t collide anymore.

    He grew up down the street from me, and his mom still cuts my hair. She and I will be the first to tell you that he is, in fact, NOT quiet.

    Next time you see him, tell him that Keith and I want to hang out.

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