What’s Up, Dawgs?

Rose, originally uploaded by m!les.

If you’re anything like me, then you feel like there hasn’t been a whole lot of personal communication lately. You’re saying, “Miles, all you do is type up a trip that happened 100 years ago. We want to know what’s going on with you.” Well, I’m glad you italicized “you”. It gives me the will to continue.

Well, summer has thus far been crazy, and it’s not stopping (no, it’s not; no, it’s not). This weekend Holli and I and her family embark to New York City, New York. The timing of this trip has actually caused some problems for me at work, as I have used up all my vacation time on France, and there is Hyperion training in Texas that two employees have to go to, but all things were ironed out, and I was allowed to go. So, Friday we drive to Sioux Falls to spend the night at Aunt Karin’s so we can fly out at some unGodly hour on Saturday morning. I’ll bring some of you back souvenirs. If you want to know more, Holli has a pretty nicely laid out post about our trip.

Molly‘s birthday is the 22nd, so I’ll wish her “Happy Birthday!” right now.

I discovered this photographic technique called panography. You saw it above with the Rose. Basically, you take a lot of pictures of something big and then you put them all together in Photoshop. It’s really simple, but you get some pretty neat results. I’m obsessed with it right now, hence my two other panographs. You should view them close up to see all the detail.

Work has been slow right now. CRESH is going through some changes and so there’s not much for us to do, yet. It seems like that will change very soon, and I’ll talk about it more then.

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. I wrote a short film that Holly, Holli, Bob and I are going to begin principle photography on Thursday. It’s for a contest on StudentFilms.com, which we submitted to last year with the short “Driven to Distraction”. This one is called “Lost and Found“, and I put the script online. I’ve been starting all sorts of one-acts, but I finally got one finished. It’s called “Our Angels and Demons“, and Holli was/is slated to direct it. We’re not sure. She was going to do it for the Freshmen Showcase in Fall, but it now appears that she might not get a choice regarding what she directs. We’ll have to see.

Holly and Bob invited Holli and I to a cookout sort of thing in their backyard on Tuesday. We had hamburgers, chips, grapes, corn-on-the-cob, and more chips. Then we played “golf” in their backyard. Then we made a bonfire, and I shouted the phrase “Grandpa! Your dick!” everytime Bob snapped a branch on his knee. Then we had brownies, and we exchanged souvenirs. Good times.

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