vendredi 16 juin 2006

Notre Dame du Port
Notre Dame du Port, originally uploaded by m!les.

The night was hot. It almost always is in France. So, I spent my night analyzing the room I wsa sleeping in. It’s a girls room. I think her name is Ann. She seems to be into Magic the Gathering. And she loves Australia. This I discerned without touching or moving a single item.

After several countless hours (oh, wait, I just counted them – there were several), I finally fell into sleep. I tried to sleep until someone came to get me. I nearly did this. I grabbed my carry-on bag, and Bryce and Alfred and I walked back here, to the house. At the house, everyone had already had breakfast, so I said, “Non“.

Then we walked into town. We toured two churches. Both were very old. The first was called Notre Dame du Port. I lit a candle there, just as I did in Notre Dame in Paris. This was a simple cathedral. No big murals or sculptures, just simple lines and massive size. I found interesting that in the crypt was a plaque deciated in the late 19th century. I (at first) assumed this to be the dedication by a Pope or something, but it was in fact a plea to the Virgin Mary to save the French soldiers and protect their country. I should research.

From here we went to another cathedral. This one was larger and more ornate. We could not go into the crypt, however. It had beautiful chapels. Benedicte talked to a guy who let us walk up to the top of the tour. This took for F’in ever. And I was really weak at the top. But I took pictures and a heel-click picture of Bryce. Then we departed down. Slowly; in the dark.

Also, I lit a candle here. Then we walked back for lunch. Lunch I didn’t care for so much. It was a salad with onions and peppers and we also had fish eggs, bread, and plenty to drink. The meals for the Morizot’s are late.

Before lunch we watched a video about cathedrals in the area. It was very interesting, but we were all a little tired. The video was very well done and very theatrical.

After lunch we read. It was really a free time. I checked email to discover that Adam and Cari are engaged. So, congrats to them! Also, I agreed to go to New York City in July. I hate taking off work, but this will probably be the last of it.

Heel Click
Heel Click, originally uploaded by m!les.

I am really tired.

Then the sky turned orange and Benedicte said “Qui bizarre!” and I was standing there and I understood. Then the decision was made for me to stay at this house for the night. At first I thought it was because they sense that I was a little uncomfortable with the situation, but it was so I wasn’t travelling in the rain and thunder and lightening. So, Alfred and I got my stuff, talked to the parents who (it turns out) will be gone to Paris again tomorrow, so I barely met them. Then it started to rain, so we ran, and Alfred sang “Singing in the Rain” but he couldn’t remember the words.

Then we ate. We had lasagna, and it was delicious. There was some loud dinner conversation, but it was good. More problems over language. Then, after, Bryce, Brenna, Linds, and Molly completed their tournament. Oh, also, during the day we played Smash Brothers and I read “Le Chat“, a French comic.

Then we played poker. Bryce ended up winning against Linds. Molly was offended when Dad wouldn’t look at her face. So, Bryce actually lost two times (as himself and Molly) before taking Dad’s hand and winning it all.


Tonight, then, I’m sleeping in the room Quitterie was sleeping in, as she sleeps in the pantry. I really could sleep in the pantry, but I’m sure they won’t allow it. I’ll mention it tomorrow.

I want to give the kids American names, and they give us French names. Because we both have trouble with each other’s.

  • Antoine » Tony
  • Camille » Kammy
  • Alfred » Freddy
  • Quitterie » Kitty

We’ll see if it works.

Tonight I wrote myself and Holli postcards. Madame had given me postage-paid international envelopes. These should speed things up.

Good night, and Good luck.

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  1. “Also, I agreed to go to New York City in July.”
    Nobody begged you. It’s not like you were obligated.

    OK, well I begged you. Aaaaand….you were kinda obligated as my boyfriend. So. Umm. Nice choice of wording.

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