Testing Qumana

Note: My mother has a blog! I was going to wait until she posted something. And then she did, and then I forgot to mention it. Anyway, go and comment on milesrausch.com/paula.

Hello, people.

There is a program available for Windows and Mac OSX that is called “Qumana”. It probably means “Harmonic blog writer” in Swahili, or something, and it purports to be a desktop blogging tool.

I’ve tried some of these before. The Firefox-based Flock browser makes the same claim, but as it’s still a beta piece of software (and was alpha when I used it) I’m hesitant to use it.

That haven’t been said, I have no idea if this is beta or alpha or gamma or Xena: Princess Warrior, for that matter.

And he hits “Publish Post”. And he waits.

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