Rock-a-Boji, originally uploaded by m!les.

Seeing as Holli was unable to perform her usual listing on her last post, I’ll go ahead and pick up the listed slack.

  • Went to Iowa
  • Witnessed “Rock-a-Boji” – a dance of some sort where the kids can request songs or actions (ie. “Can you request that Natalie dance with a boy?”)
  • Took a ton of random-effects pictures
  • Messed with exposure time, aperture, film speed, and a host of other numbers that go from high to low and back again
  • Met: Luke, Deb (Demarest), Megan, Jeff, and many others
  • Re-connected with: Bryan, Deb (Wittrock), Mandy, Keith
  • Hugged: Bryan
  • Worked on: a writing project and a film project
  • Slept in Staff House (the holy of holies)
  • Saw: Arnold’s Park, Arnold’s Amusement Park, Arnold’s Perk, Arnold’s Dock (Floating), Arnold’s Lake, and Arnold’s Disgruntled Unfriendly Waitress at The Wharf (she cussed at me!)
  • Worked doing: hardly anything; I vacuumed twice and that was it
  • Overall: I enjoyed myself

I get nervous hanging around Holli’s friends because I’ve introduced so much of Satan into her life, I’m afraid they’re going to say, “You made our friend into a Devil Worshipper!” and I’ll say, “She told me to!” and then we’ll fight with knives. I hate that.

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