Bryce and Lindsey

Ok, Google Video was going through a tough time, and the Bryce and Lindsey video is actually up now, if you missed it.
Linds, Bryce
Linds, Bryce, originally uploaded by m!les.

This weekend was a goodbye weekend for Bryce and Lindsey. See, Bryce is my brother, and he has asked Lindsey to marry him, so, since she is going to Grad School in Philly, he is going with her, and they have an apartment, and they’ll be there for two years or so (or that’s what I heard), so, since they’re leaving a little over a week from now, there was a get-together at Justin Kaiser’s parents’ house to celebrate (or mourn or whatever).

Saturday, around 2:15ish, Bryce and Holli and I went to get Lindsey. From there we drove to the firehall to get ice. Bryce asked me if I remembered the combination, which I didn’t. Then at the end of our ice excursion, he asked me again, and I remembered. Much to my delight. We added our drinks to the cooler at Boy’s (Justin Kaiser’s) and waited for more guests to arrive. During this time, Holli and I gave them our present, drinking glasses with cool stems, and Boy gave them his presents, legal software. Once enough were assembled, Bryce began writing up a bocce ball tournament. Holli and I were on a team, and we were team “Gobias”, as in “Gobias some coffee”.

The plan at first was to divide into groups and go two games at one time, but we were thwarted by the game (only one white ball, known as a “brick”, was available). So, we played as one big group. Holli and I lost. It’s hard to tell who won. Then we went in, rested a bit, then Ryan showed up and Chris left. So we played another game, but Ryan kept throwing it really far, and I didn’t feel like exacerbating my football injury, so I usually just dropped my ball near my feet.

Then we went in, sat around for a bit, and ordered pizza. Holli and I volunteered to go get it, so when it was ready, we hopped into Bryce’s van and tried in vain to get out, but I have no idea how long that van is, and I could see Tyler getting kinda upset if I turned his bug into modern art, so I played it careful. Too careful. 120 minutes later, I was pulling out of the driveway, annoyed and confused, like after watching The Da Vinci Code. But we nabbed the pizza, drove back, Ryan left, and we ate it.

After / during the meal, I popped in a DVD. It was one I made for Bryce and Lindsey. It was basically a slideshow put to music (my skillz at iMovie are still quite limited) but I tried my best to make it touching and personal. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many pictures of Lindsey, so I had put out a request for pictures to the home email account, hoping that Bryce wouldn’t see the email (which he didn’t), but apparently Mom didn’t think it was worth her time to respond, so I never received any help whatsoever. Thanks. Linds, I’m sorry you aren’t more prevalent. I really tried. I did.

After the DVD, I gave Bryce and Lindsey a little packet each. The packet contained a CD that I made for them, called “Heay Brother and Sister-In-Law”, and a copy of the DVD. I hope they enjoy them. I felt like I should do something for them, and I like doing creative things, and it helped me learn my Mac. It was a win-win-win situation.

After that we began one of the longest poker games in history, and I ended up winning $30 by crushing everyone in my path. My final victim was Tony, and before that, Tyler. Holli was an early casualty. I knew I had the cards, so I bet high, but she saw me, then I bet high again, trying to scare her off, but she proclaimed being stubborn, and saw my bet. I halved her chips in one hand. Eek. Then the losers played Apples 2 Apples.

I hope it was a good time. I had fun, but it was way later than I wished to stay. Oh, well. Good luck Bryce and Lindsey! We’ll be out to visit as soon as we can!

I uploaded the movie to here, and this is another movie I made with iMovie ;). Yes, Chris, I made these on a Mac, and I’m typing this post on a Mac!

Photos are here.

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  1. Early casualty? That is misleading. I definitely remember four people getting knocked out of the game before me. I hung in there. Strong.

    If I remember correctly, which I do, it was the losers who were playing poker. The cool jocks and cheerleaders were playing Apples to Apples.

    Also, you make it sound like we were drinking. Mom & Dad – we had Minute Maid Orangeade.

  2. Yeah, towards the end I just wanted to go to bed. Probably why i changed clothes after I busted out of poker. Still had fun though. Even though Miles is a haxxor at poker. No man can be that lucky.

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