Riding Dirty at Jersey’s

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Yesterday was “really long day with corporate guys” day. We had to be at work at 8, which, with the drive, meant we had to leave here at 7 all dressed nicely and ready to stay until 5:20 or so. My goodness it was long, but lunch was on them, so it wasn’t all bad.

While at work, however, I was chatting with Jeff Gabhart. Jeff was originally going to go to a Wolf Parade concert in Minneapolis. Note: this isn’t THE Wolf Parade. That would be humorous and terrifying, as wolves hunt in packs and would almost certainly become incensed at the sound of yelling children. However, the band is quite good (hint, hint: Bryce). Anyway, Jeff said that he was coming to Madison, and I said that I would try to make it to Jersey’s for wings.

It was about 6:40 when I was finally on my way to Jersey’s. I got there and I found Adam Hafner, ridin’ dirty, or, at least, his blog is. Also there was: Jeff, Carl Ware, Sarah Linneman, John Fischer, Phil Huddlesteiner, Bobby Dineen, this girl who was a flute when I was in band, this girl who was a flute when I was in band’s boyfriend, Dusty Schnabel, and maybe some people I forgot.

We talked about:

  • Snakes on a Plane
  • Snakes on a Space Shuttle
  • Snakes in a Parachute
  • Mountain Lion in a Car
  • Charging Rhino on a Train
  • Blank on a Blank
  • Apple
  • Macbook
  • OS X – Leopard
  • WWDC 2006
  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Boot Camp
  • Wings (I got 4 teriyaki and 4 bold bbq)
  • Drinks (I got a Shirley Temple and water)
  • How good musical artists never come anywhere near our state
  • How Jeff sees Adam every day for at least fifteen minutes
  • How brothers can’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug (and pick the other person up if possible)
  • How a $5 tip is way too much and a 2¢ tip is way too little

All in all, it was a good supper, and it was nice to catch up with Jeff and Hafner and those guys. But they did make me unable to get any dishes or laundry done. Damn you Hafner! (and Jeff and Carl and those guys)!

Pics are here.

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