Amber and John’s Wedding

Wedding, originally uploaded by m!les.

This weekend my cousin Amber (Wiese) got married to John Faletti-Wiese in Sioux Falls this weekend. This weekend was much fun, and she is the first of the First Cousins to get married (on either side), so it was a new experience this weekend.

Amber and John have been dating for a couple years. At first all I heard were rave reviews about him, including (once or twice), that he was “the new Miles Rausch” in the family. I hated him. But then you meet him, and you get to know him, and you start thinking, “He IS the new Miles Rausch. In fact, he’s the IMPROVED Miles Rausch.” And then you start to plan his demise.

Six or seven attempts on his life later, he’s still in the family, and he’s marrying your cousin. Man, that’s special.

  • The wedding was nice
  • Got introduced to Trevor (again)
  • Watched Gabe become the reluctant center of attention
  • Took a family photo
  • Took lots of macro / wallpaper pictures
  • Enjoyed a neat banquet
  • Had good food
  • Spilled wine on Mom
  • Fetched all kinds of alcohol for Mom
  • Filmed a short movie (which may get put together eventually)
  • Danced
  • Jumped
  • Talked to a lot of people
  • Almost got wine spilled on me
  • Had a good time
  • Retired to bed a little before everyone else

So, I guess I’ll say “Congratulations!” to Amber and John. Many happy years!

Photos are here.

John Singing (video). Holli, black and white (video).

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  1. One of my favorite moments was when Bryce left the dance floor. But only for a second, because “Dancing Queen” came on and he just couldn’t resist the urge.

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