My Poster & Tim’s 40th Birthday

My Poster!
My Poster!, originally uploaded by m!les.

I ordered a poster-sized version of this photo, and it came in the mail the other day. Here’s what it looks like hung up.

The Cake
The Cake, originally uploaded by m!les.

Also, this past weekend, right after the wedding, we had a surprise party for Uncle Tim. Boy was he surprised, I think. We weren’t actually there at the time of the party because we had to try to track down a bottle of wine that mysteriously disappeared on our way back over to the hotel. It seems that they forgot to tell dad that he had a package.

Anyway, it was mostly sitting around, talking, and eating. Some family members came up for it, some of the great uncles and their families, so that was neat. The occassion was also kinda solemn since this would mark the last time we would see Bryce and Lindsey as occupants of South Dakota. I can’t be for sure, but I think Bryce was crying.

So, Tim: Happy Birthday! Pictures are here. And, Bryce and Linds: if you made it okay, give us a sign!

2 Replies to “My Poster & Tim’s 40th Birthday”

  1. sorry for not letting ANYONE know we have made it ok except linds’ parents and my dad.
    we are here and ok.
    i was not crying and have not cried. i almost cried once, but not at tim’s party, at tues. night church in bsc cause sue and mom were both crying and i was like, uh… heh, i can’t think of a joke so i’ll just try not to cry with you.

    tony i got your text message. i laughed and showed linds.

    the reason people haven’t been getting phone calls or anything is cause of our minutes. we have very few of them this month and we used many of them on the way out there. it is making me think of getting a land line and calling people saying, “call me right back at the other number”

    no internet yet at the place, for some reason it isn’t working and i’ve been dying to call miles or dan to help us fix it, but again with the lack of minutes thing.

    longest comment ever.

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