samedi 17 juin 2006

Outside the Concert
Outside the Concert, originally uploaded by m!les.

Today, in some ways, was a much less eventful day than planned, and, in other ways, much more so. Awoke to go shopping. The plan was to be back by noon, which didn’t leave much time. So we hopped to it.

At the town plaza we divided into girls and guys. Girls went with Quitterie, and boys went with Alfred. We tried looking at clothes, but they were all very expensive (Alfred agreed). So we did electronics instead. Then we went home for drinks. First we took a bus to a souvenir shop. I got a snow globe. I will probably have to finish up my shopping in Quiberon.

Soon it became obvious that we weren’t going to go anywhere at noon. Our parents’ plans had changed with their travels. Apparently they got lost or something. Then the girls returned and soon we had lunch. It was pizza, and it was awesome.

Then we played Smash Brothers for a bit. The parents returned and Benoit taught us to play Toc. It turned out to be quite a fun game. Before that Molly and Quitterie had played Blokus, after which, I joined in. I like that game, too, though Toc has much more excitement.

Then we had a late dinner of potatoes, cheese, and ham, which is what, moments earlier, Linds had requested for dinner. It was delicious.

Then we went to watch Camille, Alfred, and Quitterie have a concert. It was a school band with a bit of community thrown in. Camille plays cello, Alfred plays trumpet, and Quitterie plays keys. It was good music. There was a band from another suburb there, too. They even played a Sweringen song. Then, at the end, both bands played together. The place was absolutely packed with both musicians and spectators. Quite a difference from DSU concerts.

Antoine had asked if we wanted to watch his friend’s band, and we thought it was the same time so we opted to do the concert thing instead, but he said the band was afterwards. Then, some time between dessert and finishing Toc, he disappeared, so we never saw his friend’s band.

Benoit also taught us a blowing game. But, that sounds bad, so I’ll call it an exhaling game. You use squeezies to exhale cornballs around and get them in sinks. It got competitive. I played a largely defensive game, and it worked to my benefit.

Then I wrote a post, and now I’m going to bed so I can be up for Church tomorrow.

I miss Holli. She’s probably having a blast doing all sorts of American things. *sigh*

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