Grounds For Divorce

This music video is for a band called Wolf Parade. The video was shot around last St. Patrick’s Day (hence the snow and the green shamrock on my right hand). I remember it being a slightly boring weekend. David was originally supposed to be in it, but he found a ride home, and took that ride. Which, it turns out, was just as well, because I hardly had time to fit all the footage in as it was.

The idea was born from the song itself. I often found myself bouncing along to it, and I thought it would be funny if we followed a guy and a girl who find themselves inexpicably bouncing to this song, in beat. Of course, there’s also a “surprise” ending.

I worked hard on this. It was my first real music video. Sure, we’d done music videos before, but this was going to be the first one where some out-of-camera editing was going to take place. Where would my career be without our first Weird Al and Beck music videos? In any case, I went so far as to storyboard this, not realizing how difficult it can be (and how far off you can get) storyboarding something with such specific timing. The trick for most of it was to have the song playing everywhere. I put it on my iPod, and hooked up my iPod speakers, and we went crazy.

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8 Replies to “Grounds For Divorce”

  1. Ok. That must’ve taken an entire day. Pretty cool that everything was on time though. I remember our old music videos (weird Al, Living in the Fridge) and we had problems with keepign everything on time. God I wish we knew where that was.

    I was really really hoping for blood splatter.

    I’ve never seen that side of your naked legs, Miles…or Holli.

  2. Perhaps I’m morbid, but I’m really glad there was a violent ending. I’m also glad that violent ending was fake, because I’d hate for you to get hit with a real baseball bat.

    Seriously though, nice work. I’ve made many music videos with many different storyboards, and it is a ton of work. I was impressed with your timing.

  3. Awesome song, awesome video.

    Although I think my favourite part is when Bob is hitting you with the bat in a white shirt, then pops up in a black sweatshirt. :)

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