Newsbleep 001: Courtship, Cards, and Competition

Newsbleep 001: Courtship, Cards, and Competition

I’m certainly into video lately. I was experimenting with my iSight camera at home this weekend, and I decided that I’ll try a vblog entry. I don’t know how often I’ll do it. If I use my iSight camera, then I can do it whenever I want, but if I use a better camera (like one of them from campus), then it might be less frequent.

Shownotes: Newsbleep 001: “Courtship, Cards, and Competition”

hopefully more entertaining and saves me typing
great sound effects like this
awesome visual effects like this, and this, and this, and this, and this

3. Courtship

Alicia and Doug
tiny, lonely church
guy I called for an address used the phonebook
timed it to sit in the front
Went: “Weddingingly”; Was: “Weddingy”
no photos (crickets); moment of silence

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2. Cards

a lot of poker
a lot of peanuts
a lot of arrested development
surprise poker shark: Micaela Rausch; had Dan’s friend Jon and Uncle Frank scared of her, something I’ve been for years
Dave gave us a tour of his house (Jenny, Holli, and I); ended in philosophical discussion in Micaela’s room

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1. Competition

annual Labor Day softball tourney
won first game, lost second and third
Members of the team were: Dick, Barry, Keith, Unknown Guy, David, Chris Smith, Chris Fellows, John, Guy I Should Know, Dan, Uncle Tony, My Dad, Mike G., and Uncle Mike.
Nicknames: D-saster, Scooter, F-stop, and D-rail

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All photos from this weekend can be found at the 2006 Labor Day Softball Tournament set.

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  1. Hopefully those who don’t like to read a lot got through the video faster than if they would have read the post.

    The next one will be funnier, I hope.

  2. Thanks for the pic of me miles!!! i have a whole bunch of pretty ones and you picked that one. lol come on i want more i want more i want more!!!!!

  3. iSight baby….give me more! Who needs Katie Couric, when we have Miles, the best bleep anchor I’m related to!

  4. Nice job on the music video Miles! Thoroughly entertaining. I am currently producing my second music video, “1979” by Smashing Pumpkins… You probably have heard homoerotic stories of my “Afternoon Delight” video.

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