Newsbleep 002: All Night Long

Newsbleep 002: All Night Long

Also, view CiCi and Sliding Drawer also taken this weekend.

This time almost all of this was scripted or planned. Not so much a video blog as an internet TV show, but it’s one where I’m in control of everything. This weekend, on Friday, Holli babysat CiCi, so I brought supper over (despite feeling really under the weather) and we ate and took a walk, and I took some video and pictures (see above and below, respectively). Also, on Friday, Dave joined Holli and I for a go of it down south. I decided to jump the Steve Irwin fan club bandwagon and make a “tribute” video to him. To be fair, Steve did entertain me, and I have nothing but good will towards his conservation and relocation efforts, but I got a little sick of how many tributes to Steve there were on the internet (and almost every art-upload site was full of them), so I shot right back. That day, however, we spent the entire day with Jenny and Molly Brass, eating out, going to Target (I bought the special edition of Narnia and shampoo), and finally we went to their house for supper and some home videos. A good weekend. Then I spent the rest of it editing this thing while Holli felt conflictingly more and more proud and more and more annoyed that I was ignoring her for my MacBook once again. I’m sorry, baby! I love you!

Shownotes: Newsbleep 002: All Night Long

at least one person liked the Newsbleep, so I’m doing it again

Firstly. Night Stalker

Thanks, M-train. And good evening to all you wannabe Newsbleepers. I’m here, in the field, on location, right here in my apartment. The same apartment that you see in the opening animation. I am sitting mere feet from the very table at which I broadcasted the original Newsbleep, #001, in 2006. I know!

But I’m not here to rehash old (bleep)s. I’m here to investigatorially journalize the amazing night life of Madison, SD. One of the amazing features of my MacBook is the iSight camera, built right into the lid. It’s this same camera that I’m using right now, and that comes with time lapse capabilities.

My first experiment with this feature materialized in the form of a music video for a Radiohead song. See the show notes for a link. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it captured the imagination of the nation. My second experiment was of myself a few nights ago. I wanted to see what it looks like when I sleep. I’ve never been able to watch myself sleep despite my numerous sleep/mirror inventions and experimentation with LSD. Also, I’ve been a sleep dancer ever since I was an infant, when my mother played Elton John to get me to sleep. I’m sorry to everyone who’s had to endure that, but I wanted to see just what moves I really have. But the footage was too dark, so I deleted it.


What makes this experiment worth it is that I live above the only traffic light in Madison, ergo the busiest intersection in town, which nearly guarantees good footage. Now, it’s very nearly 11pm. I’m going to set this up, and, always the devoted reporter, I’m going stay up all night long, watching along with you.

(timelapse and shots of me sleeping)

So there you have it. Madison is a town of freaks who come out at night to feed on the dreams of the living, turning the streets dark-red with nightmarish blood-lust. Anyway, back to you, M-train.

Secondly, Ghost Stalker

Thanks, M-ego (amigo). Over two years ago, the Newsbleep offices received an unmarked package in the mail. We naturally thought it was sars, and we beat the package until it was unrecognizable. After calming down and smoking a joint or two, we inspected it to find this spectacular home video. Take a look.

The video shows what appears to be a misty-like ghostly apparition dissipating into the window. Naturally, we thought nothing of it, until the studio moved into the very apartment where the video was taken.

So they did call the landlord, but the story he had was neither convincing, nor worth filming. So nothing happened until we located the author of the original video, and the story he gave us was much more better.

A fascinating story with humorous commentary. Thank you, Miles. And we we turn to our final story of the evening. Some of you may have heard that Steve Irwin, a man who’s enthusiasm for the ugliest, dangerousest creatures on earth has horrified and entertained the world for years, passed away while playing with fish or something. Newsbleep, always one to jump on the bandwagon, presents this “In Memorium”.

Lastly, Steve Irwin Stalkers

Reporter: Thanks Vitamin ‘M’. I’m driving down South Dakota Highway 19, heading towards what APPEARS to be the city of Sioux Falls. In the vehicle with me are David Rausch and Holli Gregg, two self-proclaimed Major Steve-Nerd Irwinites.

This In Memorium celebrates the life of famed South American Actor/Comedian Steve Irwin who coined the famous phrase “Crickey, dat croc done ’bout took me arm off!”

Montage of driving.

Turns music off, “Hey guys, story time. Name 10 to 15 of your favorite Steve Irwin moments. Dave, go.”

More driving. Make it up. Eat at Chile’s to celebrate his South American heritage. Tie-in to bringing Jenny Brass her shirt back.

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All photos from this weekend can be found in CiCi – 8 Sept 06 and The Brass House – 9 Sept 06

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  1. heh heh..yeah, child molester

    how you hid your mouth for the F bomb, like in AD

    was hoping you’d sleep dance more

    couldn’t see the time on the bottom right during the night watch

    that was totally an irish accent for over half that dialogue, not NYC

    touching conclusion.

    you can count on me to say, “More Vblogs!” I have been trying to figure out anything to vblog, knowing there will be no editting going on, so one take baby.

  2. you’re amazing miles! i had a friend watch it with me this time! she liked it too.

    btw, my dad watched the first news bleep and liked it. yay!

  3. Great video, Miles! I’m definitely up for you making more… if you want any footage from L-town, maybe I could comply, but you’d have to give me specifics! I’m not an actress!

    Oh, how I love my family!

  4. vBlog 2 had its moments….. Keep ’em rolling.

    Oh, since when is Australia in South America? Or was that just to show how much of an Irwinite you are? I’ll miss him too, I especially loved his snake episodes. Hssssssssssssssss!

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