I Hate You, Mike Shinoda

The Star
The Star, originally uploaded by m!les.

How dare you pen such catchy beats and riff such rockin’ rhymes! I remember when I first heard of Linkin Park. I remember seeing them on a show called Pharm House (or something) and they were an up-and-coming musical act. I lived and breathed Linkin Park. I went to fan sites and downloaded B-Sides and rarities. I memorized trivia. And now he seems to have done it again, Mike Shinoda, with his band Fort Minor. I got the CD for that one song (Where’d You Go?) and I (as a joke) listened to the whole album, and I liked it. I really liked it. Who’s heard this? What did you think?

But one song struck me (besides that one song) like [your mom reference] hit [sexual reference]. It’s called “Believe Me”, and I noticed something strange about it. I played againa and again, and then I noticed it. I recognized the violin line. I thought on it the whole day at work, and then I realized, it’s the exact same violin line from a song called Alessandra by the band Unorganized Crime. It’s a lower pitched, a little slowed down, but it’s unmistakeable. I wondered how he got away with that (if at all) or if the two struck an agreement. Then I was messing around with Garageband working on some music and guess what I discovered. That exact same violin line! Yeah! They both got it from Garageband, which, I suppose, makes it public domain, but it was odd.

Last week Holli and I took a walk and took some pictures. Her pictures are in her Walkaround DSU – Sept 2006 set and mine are in my Rendered DSU – 14 Sept 06 set. It was neat. I don’t know much about night photography, so it was a learning experience. Also, using long exposures sure show you how dirty your lense is.

Then, this weekend, we basically just lounged around hanging out. There wasn’t much on the agenda. Monday, however, I went on a spending spree. I had just paid off the last of my bills that weekend, and I still had over half my paycheck left, so I bought Ghostbusters 1 & 2 DVD set, The Office: Season 2, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Directions ( a Death Cab for Cutie DVD), and The Gilmore Girls Season 4 ($20 marked down from $50). It was awesome. So, now Holli and I have a problem. Continue to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force or go ahead with The Office. It seem that our unofficial plan of action is The Office, and I’m okay with that. Who’s seen these? What did you think?

I would like to thank everyone for your comments on the Newsbleeps. I plan on making more. My eventual plan for content on MilesRausch.com is going to be two text posts and two multimedia posts per month and all for free! I have some things planned, some things incomplete, and somethings very nearly ready to disclose in the coming weeks. Something to think on, MilesRausch.com turns 1 on October 9th. So, hopefully, I’ll have some surprises for you. *wink*

This past week I’ve watched the movies Dune and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and I have learned something about the future and space: both are very weird. I hope I die before 10191, because I don’t think I’d like it much. Also, I’ll be much more careful about what seasoning I use on my food from now on. Who’s seen it? What did you think?

This weekend Holli and I are heading to Hawarden. She has some family gathering there, and we haven’t visited since May, and her dad is directing their musical this fall. It’s Little Shop of Horrors, and Holli and I are acting as Executive Producers. Well, not really, unless he wants us to, but that’s what I told Bryce so he would be impressed with me. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the movie yet, so we have to do that like right-quick. Who’s seen it? What did you think?

By the by, I injected this post with comment starters. Can you spot them? What did you think?

Author: Miles Rausch

I've made a smart playlist of all the songs with 0 plays. I listen to them because I feel bad for them not because I like the music. I'm THAT guy.

7 thoughts on “I Hate You, Mike Shinoda”

  1. about comment starters… first two paragraphs… who cares… what kind of job do you have that you can ponder a song all day??? about 10191 I think it would be safe to say that you will not be around! Just a hunch. Last, HALF YOUR PAYCHECK LEFT!!!! How does that ever happen. I should be so lucky!. Have a good trip to Hawarden and talk to Molly, Milbank did the play two years ago. Have fun. mommy

  2. isn’t fort minor that group tyler went to see live?

    I’ll comment on the comment starters as I remember them, without scrolling.

    Oh Miles, you know I’m still not impressed with you even though you’re an Executive Producer! Silly.

    Couldn’t you have takent he extra money you had and just made an early payment on student loans so you don’t get his as hard with the interest? What do you think.

    I am going to buy the office s2 today. if target has them in stock that is.

    i think tyler is in f’in love with that play, too.

  3. My favorite song is Remember the Name. It’s off the wall, such a simple concept, such simple awsomeness. You gotta hook a brotha up sometime with that killer album.

    Star Trek is pretty much not cool. I’ve seen maybe 2 of em and i have to conclude Star Wars is infinity times better, all the time.

    I’ve seen Little Shop of Whoarers in Milbank. Talk about skankalicious. Good stuff, good stuff. They had a really good guy doing the voice of the plant. (I already feel bad about the whole whore comment and my conscience is telling me delete it, but i don’t think i will so somebody better laugh and not judge me on it)

    If i go to Hawarden do you think I could be Assistant to the Executive Producer? We also need to listen to Fort Minor on the way down.

  4. Fort Minor is who I saw in concert!!! There very first concert on tour, and the second time they ever sang Where’d you go live. I even got to meet Mike, I’m pretty sure i actually wrote a whole post on it. And the plant voice was done by a man named dustin grorud

  5. Ya, linkin park and fort minor prolly get all their beats from garage band. They aren’t very creative. JK, im a big linkin park fan

  6. I just happened to come accross this on Google…after searching Michael Shinoda haha. It caught my eye…
    Anyway, after reading about the Violins in “Believe Me”…I can tell you, Mike did have rights for it. He said it himself. He bought a program with that on it and he got the smaple from it. He has the rights because he paid for the program. And it’s not such a big deal if he used it, he said he wanted to do something different with the song and that sample – he liked.

    Sarah =)

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