The Great Diversions

The Great Diversion

Hey! There’s a new Off the Record up with an important announcement. I’ve changed the name, so now it’s called Musebleep. If you’re subscribed in iTunes or Odeo, go to the Musebleep site and subscribe to the new feeds. I’m taking Off the Record off the web on Monday, so get switched by then.

Last week around this time, Holli was having nightmares about her upcoming directorial debut. Well, all went well. This year’s setup was quite a bit different. Since our tech director is a playwright, first and foremost, it was decided that the showcase be of his works. I got to meet him, on Thursday, and I was a little taken aback. He’s about 3 or so years older than me, had a backwards baseball cap on, and was playing tetris on his cellphone. Also, he has an amazingly deep voice. I have to remember to email him.

I thought the plays went well. Especially considering the short time frame and the rampant apathy amongst the actors. Holly Smith had to actually act in hers because her actress dropped out of it and there wasn’t time to recast. That was probably the most horrifying part. I remember when we had a very devoted group of actors, but it’s waned with graduations, and there don’t seem to be very many new actors coming in. It feels like watching someone’s soul die.

But it went well; Holli’s parents and grandparents came up to watch on Wednesday (and to buy us ice cream). I got to run the camera for Holly Smith, who has plans to edit the showcase into a DVD, for both nights. I got rid of two canned and nonperishable goods, also. The turn outs were good. See the photos in my 2006 Freshmen Showcase photoset.

This weekend I headed home, but Holli was unable to join me because she was on duty. I had to sign my loan papers, so I drove down on Saturday, helped walk around Clear Lake for a little bit, signed the papers, and met Tony for lunch at Pizza Ranch. We called David who decided that he didn’t want to hang out with us. The day was then spent listlessly dreaming of adventures. The only adventure we had was getting three 12 packs of Coke with Lime, during which time Holli was also purchasing a 12 pack of Coke with Lime, during which time my mom was purchasing a 12 pack of Coke with Lime.

Then I got Tony totally hooked on Studio 60 (Mondays at 9pm on NBC), and I gave all kinds of people rides in my car. Sue loved it, and we had a long, heart-felt talk about growing up.

This week I started on a viral marketing campaign for Newsbleep, but all it’s managed to accomplish so far is making my friends and family add a new friend for MySpace and Facebook. So far no new blood. I think MySpace is going to be the key gateway to any sort of popularity, but the key is going to be to drive people to the website itself. I’ll have to work on my Profile in both to generate that. Also, Facebook just informed me that my Newsbleep account has been shut off, so I emailed them, and I’m waiting on a reply. *sigh* I think it was the 52 groups I joined in one day.

So, tell your friends about Musebleep! Tell your friends about Newsbleep! Subscribe in iTunes! Watch and enjoy.

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  1. The best thing about the Coke with Lime ordeal…had we found it at Jubilee LAST Saturday when we were in search of it, you wouldn’t be the proud owner of a 2001 Chevy Impala today.

  2. David was actually hanging out with me. Hanging out air conditioner covers, wood, outdoor furniture, and granite tile. Why weren’t you and Tony there? Anyone own X-man 1 or 2? I need to catch up. Bryce, if you have it don’t even tell me.

  3. Not that I want to put any dampers on impulse shopping for new cars… but in a pinch it works very well to just add a little lime juice to a regular Coke…and rum, if you like that sort of thing.

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