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Those who know my brother and I also know that as much divides us as unites us. In one particular area, “hanging out”, Bryce and I have very different behaviors. I’ve never really been a “hanger-outer”, as they say. I don’t know if it was my generally introverted demeanor as a child or the fact that my parents beat me when I asked if friends could come over, but something caused me to never really think of having people over. Sure, we had movie nights and stuff, but I never went to people’s houses uninvited. Bryce, on the other hand, has always been one to call everyone in his phone and invite them over, even if it’s just to watch home videos.

Having said that, this past weekend and week have been quite a “hang-y-out-y” time for me. Dan Rausch came up for the weekend, so Holli, David, and I all hung out all weekend. We found time to make a Musebleep, which has already been posted, and I’m working on putting together the Newsbleep we shot. I think, from now on, Newsbleeps will be a Friday posting, with Musebleeps continuing to be a Wednesday posting. It’ll give me more time during the week because I almost always film on the weekends.

Some of the non-bleepy things we did was make enough spaghetti to feed the last supper (as part of an altogether fairly complicated meal), watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (a very good, funny movie), get ice cream and Jones soda at 10 (or so) at night, church, China Moon, 2nd Street Diner, and much much more. Well, actually, not much more. It was a good weekend. Also, Dan and I “talked shop” about the family website.

I uploaded some videos that didn’t make it into the Newsbleep: How to Save a Life, Hallways, and My Room. I also uploaded some photos to that effect. Check out Newsbleep 005: Daily Horrors photoset.

Then, on Monday, Holly and Bob came over originally to carve pumpkins, but there are no pumpkins anymore, so we sat and watched Shaun of the Dead instead. Awesome movie, and both the girls had to keep covering their eyes (even though it’s a relatively tame Zombie Movie). Holly and Bob have invited Holli and I to a lot of things, but we haven’t reciprocated nearly enough, hence the Monday night hang-out.

Tuesday was Halloween. I dressed as “Miles, circa Yesterday”. Mainly because I still had some Host filming to do, and wanted to use the same costume, but also because I’m not that creative. Holli dressed as Pam Beasley, and she did a very good job, even though it sounded like I wasn’t impressed at the time.

Wednesday, last night, was Recycled Percussion, a “junk rock” Stomp-ish percussion trio supported by DJ Dirty Soul. They were good. Normally, I wouldn’t go to something like this, because I’m not a student anymore, but Holli convinced me. I paid the $5 and got tons of bootleg video and photos, and afterwards I bought a DVD from them and they all autographed it. I made one uber video called Recycled Percussion that has all the short videos I took put together. Photos are in the Recycled Percussion – 1 Nov 06 photoset.

Wednesday was also the start of my new novel. If you listened to the Musebleep, then you heard me mention it. I’m going to try the National Novel Writing Month challenge again. I’m off to a good start. To be on target, I have to write 1,667 words a day, and I exceeded that yesterday. Today might be a little less writing because I’m writing this post, ain’t I? Anyway, it’s called “Terry, The Funniest, Smartest Turtle, Or: The Majesty and Mockery of Music’s Greatest Band”. It’s a Humor & Satire novel, and I’m going to (with some help, most likely) narrate parts of the book during the month of November on Musebleep. It’s based on and cowritten with Danny Foster, the creator and front man for the British experimental rock band YasBM. And, if you’re lucky, I’ll play some of their music after the show, too. The band is old, and I don’t like announcing my fandom (they’re not very popular), but I thought theirs was the perfect story to tell. And, Danny also thought it should be a children’s book.

Anyway, to end with a question, as to get conversational comments, what did you guys dress up for and do for Halloween?

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  1. Recycled Percussion was probably the most impressive group/individual that DSU has brought to campus for an activity….and probably the most expensive.

  2. For the costume contest for the department I dresses up as Luigi. Tonight I’m going to a costume party as the three hole punched version of Dan.

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