Quickly Now

Ok. Apologies to Camp Friends for not posting about last weekend. Last weekend, Holli and I went to Camp Okoboji. It went well. The atmosphere felt really relaxed. The girls did scrapbooking (which is a huge industry, I’ve discovered), and the guys played video games. Thanks to Luke for his patient explanations of the games as I painstaking learned my way around them. I’m sure if he hadn’t already beat them all hundreds of times, he would have been pretty frustrated with my n00b console skills. Pictures are in my Scrapbooking – 18 Nov 06 photoset.

Also, to Bryan, Luke, and Keith: this is the “Lazy Sunday” video that was parodied in the “Lazy Scranton” video in that Office episode.

I haven’t posted (for reals) this week because I’m way behind on the novel, and I’m also trying to put together a Newsbleep episode, so I don’t really have time to fill you retards in on my daily life. Just kidding! Well, I am kinda. Anyways, I’m going to sleep. Good night!

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