Best Eight Albums of 2006

I missed this last year, so this year I’m putting in my picks for Best Eight Albums of 2006. I’m doing eight, because I really couldn’t come up with ten. I think I just found a love for older music this year. I considered doing a Best Of 2005 list, but you guys are smarter than that.

  1. In Ink Please – Formica Table for Two (50)
  2. The Streets – The Hardest Way to Make An Easy Living (27)
  3. The Decemberists – The Crane Wife (23)
  4. Thom Yorke – The Eraser (18)
  5. Guster – Ganging Up on the Sun (15)
  6. Cursive – Happy Hollow (15)
  7. Sunset Rubdown – Shut Up I Am Dreaming (12)
  8. Snow Patrol – Eyes Open (11)

The numbers represent total play counts for the entire album (totaling play count per song). It’s not extremely accurate (especially since my library has seen a lot of modification this past year), but I agree with it. Guster beat out Cursive because I put two of their songs on a CD for Holli from that album, which I thought should count for something.

What is your list of top 2006 music albums?

8 Replies to “Best Eight Albums of 2006”

  1. 1. The Hush Sound – Like Vines
    2. This is Me Smiling – This is Me Smiling
    3. Gym Class Heroes – Cruel as School Children
    4. “Weird Al” Yankovic – Straight Outta Lynwood
    5. TV on the Radio – Return to Cookie Mountain

  2. beatles-love
    weird al-straight outta lynwood
    miles rausch (misc)-heay brother and sister-in-law
    miles rausch (misc)-and she thought “is it cold” disk 1

    I don’t even know, dude. I bought 2 albums last year, both were good, and i listened to a bunch more but my pc doesn’t even work anymore so I can’t hop on and see what I like and nothings coming to me.

  3. 1. Johnny Cash – A Hundred Highways

    2. Walk The Line Soundtrack

    Wow, I only bought 2 cds this whole year.

  4. 1 – Goo Goo Dolls – Let Love In
    2 – Sanctus Real – The Face of Love
    3 – Reel Big Fish – Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album
    4 – No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom

    Oh wait…this isn’t 1996?

  5. for the 30 minutes ive spent at the computer not playing wow;
    the black parade – my chemical romance

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