Winter Wonderlanden

Well, it sure has been a while, hasn’t it. I wonder how many blog posts start out that way. I’m willing to bet it’s a very large number. Like, ninety a hundred. What’s going on, Miles Man? Hit me with the Newsizzle.



With Bryce home, and my new camera in tow, it was time for another Newsbleep. This one went on the theme of a “Pimp My Ride” show, and I tried to play up some of the cheesy motifs of such shows: the “victim”, cool teenage language, using family members as collateral, mocking the vehicle in dire need of “pimping”, nicknames of the crew so they seem more like a hip-hop posse than car mechanics, and (of course) the “reveal”.

This one was tricky. All of Holli’s stuff had to get shot on Saturday, but Tony and Tyler were going to be gone on Saturday and wouldn’t get back until Sunday. Lindsey didn’t want to shoot Saturday, but said “maybe” for Sunday. Then, on Sunday, she went fishing, so we had to shoot her on Monday (and cut a bit of her part). That and I had about two or three more characters than the original script had featured. But, it went well, and you can’t really tell that anything seems shot out of place. So far, the response has been positive. And, so far, I’d say that it’s my favorite. But, of course, the latest one is always my favorite.

Also, it was nice to get videos from family and friends to put together a “Happy Holidays” montage at the end. I really liked that, and I think I’ll work in “Call for Videos” again. I don’t know if I’ll use Mediafire again, however.

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Merry Christmas


Of course, the list:

  • From Holli:
  • From Mom and Dad:
  • From Larry and Carol:
    • “The Office” t-shirt
    • 1/2 of a tripod
    • 1/2 of Apples to Apples
    • 1/2 of a Texas Roadhouse gift certificate
    • 1 ticket for Century Theatre
  • From Bryce and Lindsey:
  • From Adam and Cari:
    • 1/2 of Deal or No Deal
  • From G’ma and G’pa
    • $$$$
  • From Aunt Sue:
  • From Aunt Karin:
    • Gift certificate (which she unfortunately misplaced, but I’m sure it’ll turn up)
  • From Molly:
  • From David:
    • Something awesome that I can’t talk about until everyone has theirs
  • From Tony:
  • From Holly and Bob:
    • Something, but I’m not sure what yet as they still have it
  • From Santa:

Christmas was good. It seemed a little anti-climatic seeing as I got the video camera, my big gift, so early, but it was still good. And the bag is something I was planning on buying myself, anyway. All-in-all, it was a predictable Christmas. I think I requested or expected a higher percentage of my presents this year that usual. I’m not sure I’ll be so exacting next year. A big “Thank You” to everyone for your gifts. I love them!

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Our Anniversary Date


Holli’s and my anniversary was on December 21st, and we had big plans, buddy, but it didn’t work out. Instead, we ended up staying at my apartment because of the roads. We did, however, have a nice present exchange and meal at Skipper’s.

Then, on the 27th, Holli came up to Sioux Falls, and we had the date we had planned for the 21st. We at at Johnny Carino’s. It was good. I had a hard time choosing my meal, and the waitress wasn’t great. At one point, another waitress came over with two plates and said, “We have the fetuccini alfredo.” Holli and I looked at each other. Neither of us ordered that. She eventually gave the food to another table. Then, later, she came back with a to-go package in her hands. “We packed up your food to go.” And I thought, “Why? Are you kicking us out?” We gave her blank stares, and protested that it must not be this table. As it turned out, the same table near ours must have gotten the wrong dish, and so they got either the original order or the food they started eating to-go, on the house. It was confusing, but the food was still good, and we ended up getting to-go boxes ourselves.

Then we went to Falls Park. It was beautiful and more lit up than a high school drop out. It was perfect for romantic picture taking.

New Year’s


Whereas Christmas had been spent with my family in Big Stone City and Sioux Falls (with Holli able to share parts of that), New Year’s was spent with Holli’s family in Hawarden and Council Bluffs. I was very happy to have the latest Newsbleep up on the internet by the time I left for Holli’s house no Friday, so I had no editing I had to do over the weekend.

When I got there we played poker, of which I was first out, but after that we played Guitar Hero. I’d never played before. Holli said it gave her headaches, so I played with Marissa. We sucked worse a NASA airlock. Unfortunately, there are pictures, but we had fun destroying some classic guitar songs.

The next day we travelled to Council Bluffs to hand with their grandpa, Lauren. We went over to their uncle, Allen’s, place. He and his wife have a very nice place. Connie is a party designer, and she’s very good. As such, their house is very much a designer house. We watched a couple football games, ate some pizza, and then headed to our hotel. There we watched a Newsbleep, planned out church (for me), and went to bed.

The next day all hell broke loose. We left as early as we dared, because the weather was fast getting awful. The ride back was terrible. It was white-out conditions mixed with stupid drivers and ice. It was stressful, but Larry weathered the storm (pun intended) beautifully. I sat back and read (and eventually prayed a rosary for good measure) and listened to music while we made our way gradually home. Once back, it seemed way too late for mass in the area. My options, as I figured, were to travel to Sioux Falls for a 7:00pm service, and then it would make the most sense to go back home. New Year’s would have to be spent alone in Madison.

But, before that, Holli and I went and talked to the priest in Hawarden. I thought, at the least, maybe he could consecrate a eucharist for me, and I could read the readings or whatever. As it turned out, they were having Mary feast day mass at 5pm, and that could count towards my Sunday obligation. Score!

New Year’s Eve night was spent playing games with Marissa’s friend, Travis, and everyone else except for Adam and Cari. It was fun, but I could have done with less Fergie.

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How did you spend your holidays?

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  2. That is one huge post. By the way, I had fetuccini alfredo at Carino’s. I don’t know what she had on her plate, but she said something that neither of us had…like pasta primavera or something.

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