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Happiness Is A Warm PS2

If you were anywhere near a television or the internet yesterday, you may have heard about Apple, Inc.’s new announcement: the iPhone. I, like countless others, spent part of my morning watching the “live bloggers” feed the world minute-by-minute updates on the situation at Macworld. The irony: no Macs were announced. This, I’ve heard, is because it would most likely be diluted by the talk of the iPhone. It’s definately big news.

But, this post isn’t about my plans to purchase an iPhone. It doesn’t come out until June, and I don’t know if it would make any sense considering it’s on the Cingular network which doesn’t appear to support “South Dakota”. No, this post is about another kind of gadget that you saw above: the PlayStation 2 (or PS2).

I’ve been thinking about getting a gaming console for a while now, and then I talked to Bryce and found out that he and Lindsey had gotten a PS2. ‘But,’ I thought, ‘they don’t have any money!’ It was an insult that they should get a cool toy on their little, combined income, while I sit in the dark ages. I resolved to do something.

I floated the idea by Holli who, at first, seemed loath to act upon it. Then, from somewhere deep in the abyss, she heard the words “Guitar Hero II”, and it was a done deal. Saturday we sprang into action, driving to Sioux Falls to pick up our very own PS2 and related accessories. When all was said and done, we’d spent quite a lot more money than we’d planned.

One notable anecdote from the journey is that we checked many different locations looking for good prices on games, etc, but we were always on the lookout for Guitar Hero II (or GHII), a game that has had quite a lot of popularity lately. (In Guitar Hero, you have a guitar for your game controller, and you have to play notes as they scroll across the screen. You get to play along with actual songs, which makes it even more fun.) Our quest, throughout all of Sioux Falls, fell short. The last place I felt sure would have it, GameSpot on Louise, did not. It was here, disheartened, that we instead purchased Dance Dance Revolution (or DDR) Nova with gamepad. We figured, this could be a reasonable replacement. (In DDR, you have a dance pad and you have to perform steps as they scroll across the screen. It can be quite a workout.) We paid and left.

We had decided on Saturday to wait on buying a memory card. Holli thought that he brother might sell us one, so we could get it cheaper than the $25 price tag you see on new ones. After playing a little bit on Saturday, however, I decided I couldn’t wait. We went to Pamida and bought a memory card, and then we decided to see what games Lewis would have. Lo, and behold! Beneath the stack of PS2 games we found not one, but two, GHII game bundles (which include a guitar)! Lewis, in Madison, had two of what no electronics store in Sioux Falls had. It seemed a miracle, and again, we forked over the money for it.

Here are the games we have, and their capabilities:

Do you guys have a PS2? What games do you have? Do you think you can beat us? Well, you can’t.

Author: Miles Rausch

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10 thoughts on “Go Go Gadget!”

  1. Miles, Holli, Bryce, Lindsey, I am very jealous/mad at all of you. Brenna and I have been saving our money up to by a PS2 for weeks now. We also want to buy Guitar Hero 1 and 2. That game rocks. We’ll get ours soon enough!!!!!

  2. Good choice on getting all ready to rock. My only regret about this whole ordeal is that it isn’t an XBOX 360. Xbox live is pretty cool. Although, I would imagine you’d want to stay away from Microsoft (and I can’t really blame you)…Ben and I just beat Marvel Ultimate Alliance tonight, it’s pretty sweet!

  3. Why PlayStation over Xbox? Well, I have always enjoyed the PlayStation brand. I really liked the PSone, and I had (at first) misgivings about Microsoft trying to get into consoles. Then I played an Xbox (360, I believe) and I thought it was awesome. Curse you, Luke Demarest. Still, Guitar Hero doesn’t appear to be out for Xbox, and that is important. I will say that, from what I’ve seen and heard, it sounds like Microsoft has done a very good job of creating an online marketplace, browseable from the device, that is easy to use, intuitive, and unobtrusive. Also, the internal harddrive makes turning an Xbox into a Media Center a fairly easy operation. That I like also.

    Man. I’m a nerd.

  4. Hey Miles – I was at MacWorld for the whole 4 days presenting for my company. Got to see the iphone through a glass orb rotating with dozens of cameras surrounding it. Pretty intense.

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