To anyone else this January 20st may have seemed ordinary. To us it was everything but.

Okay. That was stupid but I get points for writing this on a cellphone.

Anyway we’re engaged! We had a terribly romantic date that ended where it all began: Falls Park.

I’m not one to kiss and tell but we kissed. :)

So seriously. She’s off limits now.

This is officially an investment. I mean, love. Well not “an love” obviously. Just “love”.

But not just any love. Hardcore television watching movie making music driven web powered three dimensional super sonic love.

What did you accomplish today?

Author: Miles Rausch

I've made a smart playlist of all the songs with 0 plays. I listen to them because I feel bad for them not because I like the music. I'm THAT guy.

15 thoughts on “Engaged!”

  1. I did four loads of laundry, watched this weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy, spent 4 hours working on my playlist editor, and finished off a bottle of Shiraz.

    Oh yeah, congrats on the engagement. Holly, it fills me with joy that you are joining the family.

  2. I wrote my engagement post on a french keyboard, so I feel your pain and raise you a wince.

    Congrats. It’s tough saying stuff that hasn’t been said by other people. But love you guys, the cats have been going nuts asking when you guy’s were going to finally get engaged and I’m proud to finally have the chance to take bitty and bear aside and says, “meeoooow meow merrrrrroowwwww” Congrats.

  3. Idk if getting engaged was the right thing to do right now. I mean, just think of all the money you could have saved by taking the diamond back and getting another guitar for Guitar Hero 2 instead. Just think about it ;)

  4. Wow! Heard through the grapevine, so had to get online to check it all out! I hear December is the possible when? Congratulations from all of us to the both of you! As far as accomplishments for January 20th: we all survived working together?! Love you !

  5. Congratulations! I wish I could be there to give you both big hugs… but I can’t. Obviously.


    Not the same, I know, but the Shell-issue transporter is down AGAIN. Otherwise, I’d be over in a heartbeat. How is yours holding up?

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