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I was rooting around the NDSU website, looking for the time for tonight’s game against SDSU (which is 7:00pm, coincidentally), and I found something unique.

They have a web form called “Ask the Coach“.

I asked the Coach:

A basketball is dropped from a height of 2.00 meters above the ground. On the first bounce the ball reaches a maximum height of 1.10 meters where it is caught.

Find the velocity of the ball:
a) just before it makes contact with the ground
b) just after it leaves the ground after the bounce

Also, find the total time from drop to catch (neglecting the time the ball is in contact with the ground)

And, just for fun, how much energy is lost during the bounce? Assume the ball weighs 0.2 kg.

Then, after submitting, I get a page that reads:

Each week during the basketball season, one question will be answered on The Bison Basketball Show with host Ross Manson.

The show airs late Sunday nights on ABC television in Fargo and Grand Forks, and late Wednesday nights on ABC television in Bismarck and Minot.

Archives are available to All Access premium service subscribers on

Now I just have to wait eagerly for the correct answer on live television.

Author: Miles Rausch

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