Vote or Die

I don’t think you can use that phrase too much. Go vote, nerds. Vote, and to the victors, the spoils! Which, in this case, is a web graphic declaring your post as the winner!

If you vote more than once, I’ll take your latest vote, but please don’t make me go through that work. The voting page is above (where it says “2006 eSIP Awards Vote”) or you can use this hyperlink that points to the 2006 eSIP Awards Vote page.

Author: Miles Rausch

I've made a smart playlist of all the songs with 0 plays. I listen to them because I feel bad for them not because I like the music. I'm THAT guy.

55 thoughts on “Vote or Die”

  1. Yo Miles… while I’m here I thought I’d drop you a line….. starting big things in Sioux Falls…. would love to go on… but time is running short…

  2. That’s the same thing I said Ghetto Bill. I purposely didn’t vote for people with multiple entries. TAKE THAT!
    Ok, I didn’t, but I THOUGHT about it!

  3. Well since we are taking the exact words i will twist them around against you then:
    Fill out the linked form and nominate one or two of YOUR OWN POSTS.
    That clearly means nominate one or two of your posts in total. Pick your two best posts and decide on a category to put them in. I thought there were two different text boxes because there were two different things you needed to fill out. If i remember, the boxes both had different labels above them. As in Writer: and Blog:, i dont remember what they really were. And noone knows what a “Gansta” is Bryce.

  4. I just hope I win, and if not i’m going to demand a revote. Just because I want to win that bad. Oy Vey Gangsta!

  5. Your argument is almost valid. :)
    There were no labels above the text boxes. Miles, can you verify, since the site has been taken down?

  6. I put the offending page back up, and it verfies that there were labels above each text box that read “Nominee*:” or “Nominee:”. These labels were below a colored paragraph that announced the category of the following two nominee boxes. The label of “Nominee” was meant to indicate that that textbox was where a post one wished to nominate would be pasted into. The “*” was meant to indicate (as was explained below on the page) that the field was required. I did state in the original post:

    Fill out the linked form and nominate one or two of YOUR OWN POSTS.

    : and I later explained that :

    You must nominate posts, not weblogs

    : and :

    Paste the link to the post into the Nominee boxes below

    : which were supposed to clarify things. I, in no way, feel bad that some people misread the instructions. This isn’t a weblog contest for little kids who need their mommies to unwrap their suckers for them and kiss them a lot on their chubby cheeks.

  7. Chubby cheeks? have you looked in the miror lately? You arent the ideal picture of a fit person yourself sir. I didnt misread the instructions. My point is very valid, take a look at the nominations page. You will notice that Bryan and Jackie only posted a total of how many nominations? oh yeah, two. The nominations were up to many interpretations. Back to my real point i was actually making at first, This “competition” sucks because there are like ten nominations for every category. If you guys can’t decide on one post as your best one for each topic then i cant either.

  8. you dont give babies suckers first off. And you were refering to me in “ome people misread the instructions” and how you didnt feel bad for me, then you compared people that misread it are like little chubby kids. I took it very much as a personal slight.

  9. I think everyone knows that Miles would never do or say anything that would hurt somebody’s feelings or single anyone out. He would never have written that last line had he thought anyone would take it personally; it was meant as a joke and shouldn’t have been taken seriously. One can choose to take it personally or to not believe him when he apologizes, but that isn’t his fault.

    I’m not his spokesperson, and he doesn’t know I’m writing this. But Tyler, I’m the one that egged you on after your first comment, I meant it as playful banter, and I am the one who pulled Miles into it by asking him to comment on it to clear it all up. If anyone wants to attack anyone, it’s my fault because I kept it going on. I’m sorry for what it’s become.

    Miles, I think the contest was a great idea, and I know you put a lot of work into writing the code for it and trying to make it the best you could, especially for it being the first time you’d done anything like this. I wish I had the creativity and ability to do something of this magnitude. It was a great thing for your readers and the bloggers on your site to do something fun and out of the ordinary. I think people were/are excited about it and I enjoyed reading everyone’s submissions for each category. Please keep having innovative ways to please your readers!

  10. Wait, i figured it out. The reason this has been so negative is because of Luke Domagala. That stupid son of a …. !

  11. I think people give babies suckers all the time. There is an expression, after all, that refers to taking “candy from a baby”, and suckers are candy.

    That aside, Ghetto Bill claims that he did not misread the instructions, therefore my comment wasn’t aimed at him. I said :

    I, in no way, feel bad that some people misread the instructions.

    : and Ghetto Bill later commented :

    I didnt misread the instructions.

    : so all this conversation is pointless, and the “personal slight” was misinterpreted. He didn’t really misread the instructions and therefore wasn’t the subject of the offending line in my comment. However, I apologize to those who did feel insulted by the line; it was ambiguous in its intention and has caused a lot of people a lot of suffering.

  12. Suckers are obvious choking hazards for babies. Any mother that gives her baby a sucker not only deserves the candy taken from the baby, but child services should take the baby away as well. My declaring that i did not misread the rules came after you said the chubby cheeks linge. Therefore, i did feel like the line was intended towards me and i wanted to state that i didnt misread the rules. but whatever i guess, i know i am fat anyway, im just sad i wont be invited to the wedding anymore ;)

  13. I say bring Randy Moss back! I’ve always liked the guy and I don’t he’s as bad as the medai makes him out to be. We get him and Brad Johnson becomes the Pro-Bowl quarterback I see in him.

  14. I just went to see The Number 300 and Reno 911! Miami, five more dollars in your pocket…not to give away any spoliers but one of the characters is named Miles!

  15. Luke Domagala:
    How is he not dead, I believe he fell off a roof once, was run over my a lawnmower, accidentally axed himself, got hit by a car, got hit by a bus, and had seizures in high school missing almost an entire years worth of school.
    He’s a bit weird, I think he’s married, he disappeared for a while and is now back, and apparently in Sioux Falls. I personally don’t know about him because he swears he always assumed I was gay. Probably because he wants my burns. But he’s only human, don’t judge.
    Miles can you verify the reasons he should be dead? Did I forget any?

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