Happy Birthday, Dan!

Dan turns the big, landmark 24 years old today. If he had watched one episode of the first season of the TV show 24 on each of his birthdays, he, today, would get to see the season finale.

And, 52 comments is insane. You people are weird.

Author: Miles Rausch

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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dan!”

  1. Happy Birthday Miles and Dan… Miles you are a whole about 6 hours older than Dan… have a great day and watch the weather…. love you mom

  2. Happy B-days Miles and Dan! I went to the school office and the 5th grade doorway to commemorate where I was the moment I heard the wonderful news of your birth and your birth.

  3. Why is everyone wishing Miles a happy birthday as well? This post is clearly only about my birthday. I don’t like to share. If you want to wish Miles a Happy Birthday, get your own Internet.

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