We Terrorize As We Shoot The Bird

Portable System 7.5.3

I’m closing the eSIP voting page at 5pm CST on Thursday, March 8th. Results will be up the following Wednesday.

That picture is Apple’s System 7.5.3 running MacPaint on an emulated Macintosh Plus computer running on my iPod shuffle. If you want to, then you can do what I did.

This was going to be a post about the Aqua Teen scare a month ago. What had started as a publicity stunt turned into a terror alert, as citizens of Boston called police and bomb squads over some blinking LED cartoon characters. When I was going to research and write this, I pasted a link to a SignOnSanDiego.com write up of it. I was going to try to tie the whole thing to Philly cutting trans fats and Anna Nicole Smith’s death.

No dice.

My message to you guys is to write when you feel like it. Even if you only marginally feel like it, get out your whatever and write. Just do it.

This weekend was one of SNOW! Holy buckets. I had an idea for a Newsbleep that would actually be fake reporting about a real event as it happened. Then I decided to not film until Saturday, and the snow had stopped, and then it started melting. I’m not sure if I’ll finish writing the episode and shoot it anyway (as per Holli’s suggestion that it’d be funny to talk about a blizzard when the snow is all melting away) or just wait until it snows again or scrap it.

We also went on a mini Christopher Guest marathon. We watched This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, and A Mighty Wind, with For Your Consideration soon. I didn’t realize Eugene Levy was such a writer. Finally, last night, we watched The Departed, and both enjoyed it. Did it deserve an Oscar for Best Director? I’m not sure.

This weekend we’ll probably be heading to Big Stone City for whammy kicks and guitar giggles. Bring your rocking face or get your face rocked off!

P.S. Dan’s birthday was a good day for me, too. I got presents like a clever t-shirt and The Prestige.

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