You Get Used To Strange Band Names

At the Restaurant

Well, Holli turned 21 on Sunday. It was a much anticipated day for her, not so much in that she finally gets to drink, but in that she finally has the option of being able to drink, if she wants. I’ll let her tell you about the day we had, but I think she had a good birthday, and I did everything I could to make it special.

Check out my Holli’s 21st Birthday photoset.

At Certus, our boss-boss-boss is coming to visit, so us guys in the office have been getting all dressed up, ready to impress… only to have him cancel and reschedule. Then, it happens all over again. It’s like having a crappy boyfriend. You love him (and he loves you!), so you keep letting him do this to you. Hopefully, Thursday. Fingers are not crossed nor is breath held.

Strange band names, you say? Can you list some, you ask?

  • +/- : Makes using any search engine to find information a little difficult
  • Arcade Fire : Sounds like an 80s video game geek’s worst nightmare
  • Death Cab for Cutie : Death – bad. Cutie – good. Cab – draw. The band does it all
  • The Decemberists : Are there fan groups for months of the year?
  • Hot Hot Heat : Redundant and repetitive much?
  • In Ink Please : It’s a sentence; no, it’s a band name! (from North Dakota, at that!)
  • The Long Winters : You guys would love The Decemberists
  • Menomena : A name was chosen for “the way it rolls off the tongue, sexually, or something“, it really sounds more like a disease
  • OK Go : For those who need a band to tell them what to do, but are tired of Marilyn Manson
  • The Postal Service : While not expressly weird, it can be confusing if you want to mail one of their albums to a friend
  • Rilo Kiley : It sounds like a name, but it’s not one that I’ve ever heard, and it doesn’t seem to belong to anyone in the band
  • The Secret Handshake : If you stray too far into Google search results, you’ll enter a world of limp wrists and rainbows
  • The Shins : Perhaps the most overlooked body part in music
  • Snow Patrol : Who are we kidding? Snow needs no one to look after it
  • Sufjan Stevens : It’s actually a name!
  • Sunset Rubdown : You’re gonna do what to what??
  • Taking Back Sunday : I know that Tuesday’s Gone, but I hadn’t heard of Sunday being misplaced
  • They Might Be Giants : Who is? And are they, or aren’t they? And what are we going to do unless they are?
  • Unicorns : Bryce and Tony have worse names for this band. I’ll let them explain that
  • The Weakerthans : Nothing says “indie” like a self-deprecating name. At least, I think this is self-deprecating
  • Weezer : see above
  • Wolf Parade : A very funny visual image that quickly turns into a very horrifying visual image
  • YasBM : Is it an acronym or just a desperate grasp at an untaken band name? If the BM means what I think it does, then that explains the quality of the music

If you do like indie music, and you want to see some acoustic concerts, check out these awesome Take-Away Shows. Do you guys have any weird band names you want to add?

10 Replies to “You Get Used To Strange Band Names”

  1. Neutral Milk Hotel

    Yeah, I watched a few Take-Away Shows last night, and they are so extremely good. The Shins video is 100x better than any other live video I’ve seen of them. If I ever see them live, it will have to be acoustic. I had heard Arcade Fire was going down into the crowd for a song or two, but I hadn’t seen any video. The song in the freight elevator was so yummy with the violins and magazine tearing. Islands was great! That volcano song is like 9 minutes long, and it’s just them strolling down the street. Tapes n Tapes was ok for what they were playing with – kicking the barriers helped. Lastly, THE NATIONAL, wow – just wow. I can’t wait for that new album!

  2. There are a few other ones that would be good too. Reel Big Fish comes to mind. Is Reel Big Fish a command that they are giving to us? or is it nothing more than a descriptive name. No one will ever really know…

  3. My Ob/Gyn is in a band called The Midlife Chryslers.

    Our new baby is due to be delivered by C-section April 30. Haven’t picked a name yet. Make that two names – we don’t know if it is a boy or girl. I do know we will not be naming the baby Trout Fishing in America, or Spinal Tap.

    Happy Birthday, Holli.

  4. the first one that came to my mind is The Butthole Surfers. Don’t know who they are, well they have a song on Guitar Hero II!…or 1 maybe, can’t remember.

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