I-D-K, My B-F-F, Jill?

Yeah. I know. But I can’t help but love this commercial.

Author: Miles Rausch

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18 thoughts on “I-D-K, My B-F-F, Jill?”

  1. all that you have to do is say this line too any girl and they are all like omg i love that commercial. do you? im like hell yeah i like anything you like.

  2. omg…i LOVE this commercial. i like memorized the WHOLe entire thing. lmao.
    me and my friends joke around bout it all the time!!!! my favorite commercial So far!!!

  3. i luv this commercial too and my friend has been in numerous plays with the girl in the commercial. Her names Victoria Goldsmith Also, i’ve talked 2 her on the phone many times and i can also get her autograph.

  4. who can you be texted 50 times a day? idk my bff jill. well you can tell your bff that i am taking your phone away! tsnf! This phone bill whats snf! i love this commercial!!!!! :] lol i can’t spell lolz :]


    mom: beth anne!

    girl: WU? (whats up?)

    mom: your cellphone bill is whats UP ↑↑. Who have you been texting 50 times a day?

    girl: IDK…MY BFF JILL? (i dont know… my best friend for-evah jill?)

    mom: well, tell your BFF jill im takein your cellphone away

    girl: TISNF!!

    mom: me paying this bill is whats S..N…F

  6. This comercial is so friggen stupid! Me and my friends hate it like if im on AIM i put this icon on thats says idk me bff jill and they get soo made. We even make fun of it 24/7!

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