I Just Want Vengence!

Happy Birthday, Grandma Miles!

Drinking A Drink

Script Frenzy! You remember my latest attempt at NaNoWriMo? Well, now I’m even less into Script Frenzy. If you want, this is the project I’m working on: http://pc.celtx.com/project/u7O7lM5FF03m. If I ever get around to actually writing something, maybe I’ll put more about it up here.

Last weekend I went to Okoboji to visit Holli and to hang with some of her camp friends. I took these pictures, here. We watched Arrested Development. We played a game called Mafia, where Holli was killed one night. My catch phrase for the rest of that game was this post’s title.

Also, we ate at The Wharf The Wharf The Wharf The Wharf The (ask Holli about the name) and Luke was telling a story, which began with, “Ok. The earth is round.” I quickly responded with “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a minute. You just blew my mind.” A phrase which I have found success with in other venues.

During the week, Holly and Bob came over. We discussed the filming of their wedding a bit. We were even able to get into the church to look around. Then we came back, had some ice cream, and played Burnout Revenge. We played the game where you have to cause a certain monetary amount of damage by crashing your car. We played one level where there is a large donut on a diner. It was a nightmare. We spent nearly forty minutes on it before all three of us had caused the necessary amount of damage.

The summer is boring. Now that I have all this time to write, I’m in the doldrums. The problem is that I usually can’t go to bed unless I feel I’ve earned it. Of course, just working in the office all day doesn’t count. I have to do something worthwhile in my off time. So, if I just come home, surf the ‘net, and watch TV, then I can’t sleep. I have to watch TV or read until late to qualify for rest, and then I’m tired.

How is everyone else’s summer going so far?

Author: Miles Rausch

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7 thoughts on “I Just Want Vengence!”

  1. Your friend Luke must be a huge idiot. Who doesn’t know the Earth is round?
    I kid I kid.
    Start walking to work to burn some energy. Derr!

  2. Alright, I read it now. I’m about to experience some major boredom myself. Linds is leaving for 18 days so I no longer will have a roommate. Except the cats.

  3. I like the picture as well.

    Miles, be gone with your boredom and go out to the state park that I love. I know you have been to the cemetery, just keep on driving west. You can do it. You might be inspired! Who knows!

  4. Miles~

    Maybe you’re slumping because your muse is in Okoboji. No wonder you have time to leave nice comments on my blog. Thanks.

    Who took the picture? Very sweet.

    ps SAHM stands for stay at home mom.

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