Domain Issues

If you’ve been visiting my websites lately, you may have noticed a problem or two. My hoster is moving my account to a new set of servers, and it hasn’t been without its hiccups. All my domains quit working for a while, but they seem to be up and running again. Also, all of your (you people who have blogs on my site) data is safe (except for Tony’s, which is having problems again).

Oh, well. This, coupled with all my issues trying to dual boot Windows XP and Windows Vista, makes for a stressful week. I got a call from my cousin, Chuck Rausch, regarding a domain name for his business. Well, it appears that it was up for renewal, and got snatched up by another (ad-conscious) company, and he wants me to get it back, if I can. I’m just hoping I can.

If you’ve sent me e-mail this week, you should probably resend it, because I might not have gotten it.

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