Bryce txt’d Me

Harry Potter and the Bachelor’s Degree. This book was imagined to take place after the seventh book. Rather, it is their last year at school, and Harry is about to go to college. Upon rereading it, this story predicted absolutely nothing correctly. Least of all, Ron’s new amorous affection for Harry. Oh, well. In a perfect world…

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  1. Where does this story occur within the timeline of the books? Between 5 and 6? So like… 5 1/2? I’m just trying to straighten it all out, since I’m still reading them all and such…

  2. And if it had been written recently, most of those dead someones would probably turn out to be gay. I am seeing a trend here.
    Now that it has been explained as a prediction written long ago, it makes more sense. But not much. Bryce, why are you shirking your “credit” in this project?

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I had started Chapter 2 several times, but mostly Dan and I just read what Miles had written, laughed, said, “that’s awesome” and then failed to write another chapter.

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