Flying to Philly


As Holli said, and Bryce and Lindsey are sure to say later (*hint*hint*), we went to Philly! Holli did a good job of relating what happened so, I won’t repeat that here. I’ll talk about my feelings. Like a girl does.

It was really nice to see Bryce and Lindsey. Even though we “just saw them” for the wedding, this is our first time visiting them as a married couple, and it couldn’t have been more awkward. Talk about tension. From minute one, when Bryce wasn’t back from work at 3 in the afternoon, to our trip back to the airport with them arguing over what road goes where and does what, I felt alienated, ignored, and stupid.

Boy, that got negative. I tried, and started out, positive, but it just degraded so fast. It was a joy to get to spend time with Lindsey without Bryce. That rarely has happened before. In Marshall, we stayed at Bryce’s apartment, and at home we stay at Bryce’s house, so this gave us a chance to get to learn more about Lindsey. I learned that she likes to watch the news. A lot. And she likes to fall asleep with guests around. Like, immediately. Then, of course, my girl follows suit, so guess who’s stuck singing to himself, playing with one anti-social cat and one attention-starved cat; me.

Gosh, I did it again. Alright, I’d better wrap this up. Bryce, Lindsey; two great people. Bear, Bitty; nice cats, both seemed to warm up to me eventually and one posed for a picture. I was definitely go out there again, except this time for longer. Maybe then we’ll actually get to tour the city by bus so we don’t get half-baked “explanations” of what went down where. And, of course, I’d love to spend the entire time in rainy, drizzly weather again. Oh, and can we get our flights back delayed several hours as well? And how about Bryce and Lindsey get so ashamed of us that we never get to meet any of their friends?

Boo-diddley-hoo, that was a frowneroni. This east coast air is making me surly.

Honestly, though; had a blast. Flying to Philly – August 2007.

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  1. If sharing feelings makes you a girl, then you’re a girl. However, you’re also engaged to a pretty cool person, so being a girl is the way to go?

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