Update, I’m Back, Douglas, Swag, Running, and Happy Birthday

As William Gibson

First off, I didn’t hate Philly. I think there was some confusion, which is understandable given the content of the post, but I really did have a great time and would love to go back (assuming that Bryce and Lindsey still live there, otherwise it wouldn’t be nearly as fun). Also, I’d love to pretend I was doing a parody of Holli’s Marshall experience, but I’m not that clever.

Second off, I just got back from Princeton. No, I’m not enrolling. I was there for work. It was a sort of panic-inducing experience, as most work trips are, and I won’t say much about it here, just to say that I think we left the client satisfied. Also, I didn’t take many pictures so as to appear somewhat professional. Check out Panicking in Princeton photoset.

Third off, Nate Hoffman, who played “Narcs” in the Season One finale of Newsbleep, is debuting his movie, “Douglas”, at the Science Center at DSU at 8:00pm on August 25th (Saturday). To add to that, the “Grief” trailer for Newsbleep is going to preceed the airing. So, if you can, you should make the trip for that.

Fourth off, a playwriting project I was involved with became the Project of the Week for the Celtx website, and so I got a USB drive, t-shirt, and stickers with Celtx on them.

Fifth off, congrats to Molly and Brenna for running well. Holli said you both did well.

Last (but not least) off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDSEY!!

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