25 Days of Bright Eyes

Or, How I paid my mother back for her jibe about pictures of chairs not being post-worthy.

Some would say that I’m lucky. There are scores, I’m sure, of people who feel that friendships forged with their parents lack a certain ubiquitous quality. Enter the Internet. I am lucky enough to have parents who use the Internet semi-frequently. So very lucky. My mother has a website. And, recently, she lampooned a great majority of the MilesRausch.com bloggers in her latest post. The post, which you can read for yourself, chastised us for being weak bloggers.

Apparently, when my mother gets passionate about a subject, she forgets to quit hitting punctuation marks. She would remark that this is “the Irish in her”, but I don’t think William Butler Yeats ever ended a poem with “????????”. Also, her title should have had a “?” in it, but I won’t nit-pick.

To show my mother that I don’t take posting lightly, I’m going to post every day for 25 days. That’s right. I’m going to post 25 Days of Bright Eyes. On October 25th Jeff and I are going to a Bright Eyes concert in Sioux Falls, and, since I don’t much attend concerts, I’ve decided to celebrate this event by highlighting some of my favorite Bright Eyes songs.


4 Replies to “25 Days of Bright Eyes”

  1. Missing RCIA for a Bright Eyes concert?????? I love multiple punctuation. Haven’t you ever looked at your Grandma’s cards? I like punctuation and she likes underlining. I can’t wait to see the next 25 days of posting.

  2. Way to go, Paula, now we have to read 25 days of Bright Eyes favorites. I thought Bright Eyes is what happens when you catch a deer’s eyes in your headlights. I guess I had better hit iTunes.

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