Day 1: False Advertising

From Lifted Or the Story Is In the Soil, Keep Your Ear to The Ground (2002)

From the first three words, repeated thrice, you have little idea of what this song has in mind for you. It waltzes around you, like a sad, forgotten photograph. It makes me feel a little bit like that last shot in The Shining, when we find Jack Torrence frozen forever in the time period that he has always been from, caretaker forevermore.

I love the strings in this, and the 3/4 time signature.

Notable lyric: We used to think that sound was something pure…

listen here

2 Replies to “Day 1: False Advertising”

  1. Thanks for the FYI, Holli. I’ve seen it and read it, but can’t remember either ending. Probably a good thing. Unless Mr. Malaprop (my dh) takes that job as caretaker at the hotel in the remote place where we may be moving to…
    uh, nevermind.

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