Day 10: From A Balance Beam

From Lifted Or the Story Is In the Soil, Keep Your Ear to The Ground (2002)

I love how this one starts off. You hear a tape recorder. It plays a short clip, in which a female voice is heard. She says, “It goes on forever and ever and ever”, then it stops, rewinds, and plays “-ever and ever”, then it stops, rewinds, and plays, “-goes on forever and ever…” Meanwhile, a sound, a building sound, is growing behind the tape recorder. Then it bursts into life.

Notable lyric: So I wait for the day when I’ll hear the key / as it turns in the lock / and the guard will say to me, / “Oh my patient prisoner you have waited for this day and finally / you are free! / You are free! / You are freezing!”

listen here

One Reply to “Day 10: From A Balance Beam”

  1. Of course, as soon as I think “finally an uplifting one…’you are free!'”, he pushes me away by saying freezing. I hate being cold.

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