Day 22: An Attempt To Tip The Scales

From Fevers and Mirrors (2000)

What sets this song apart isn’t the song, necessarily, but what follows the song. The track is 8:29 long, but the music stops at 2:35. The rest of the track is an interview. Close scrutiny suggests that the track is, in fact, a satire or perhaps a parody. At the very least, it is staged. It takes place between a radio DJ and Conor Oberst. The DJ addresses many of Conors “quirks” in both appearance and music. It can make for a difficult listen if you take it at face value. However, when it comes to Bright Eyes, never take anything at face value.

Notable lyric: Well, winterÂ’s gonna end, / I’Â’m gonna clean these veins again. / So close to dying that I can finally / start living.

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