Day 3: Kid A

Kid A (2000)

Welcome to the cold forest, the frightening landscape that is Radiohead paranoia. Gone are the typical sounds of guitars and drums and keyboards. Gone, even, is the voice of Thom. Everything is modified, contorted in an electronic, haunting manner. With images reminiscent of The Pied Piper, the imagery of the lyrics suggests a ghoulish figure leading all your children out of town and into the black anything.

Notable lyric: Rats and children follow me out of town / rats and children follow me out of their homes / come on, kids

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4 Replies to “Day 3: Kid A”

  1. What’s this list for? Or the number of days?
    Either way, love this song. One of my favorite Radiohead songs. Granted, I’ve heard very little besides what you put on an album for me.

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