Day 10: Paranoid Android

Ok Computer (1997)

Typically, Ok Computer is the Radiohead album that people know, for good reason. This song, like the album, is solid. It features a complicated guitar-picking melody, which turns into a distortion-happy rock out wave, which turns into a floating, sing-song. This is the rock epic of Ok Computer. Clocking in at 6:24 and featuring guitar solos, breakdowns, changes in tempo and pace, and (of course) a messed up music video, this song has something for everyone.

Notable lyric: That’s it, sir / You’re leaving / The crackle / of pigskin / The dust / and the screaming / The yuppies networking / The panic, / the vomit / The panic, / the vomit / God loves his children, / God loves his children, / yeah!

listen here

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