MacHeist II

If you are an Apple computer user, then you should check out MacHeist II. Below is a quote from their latest e-mail.

The MacHeist Bundle is back, and features an amazing roster of software from the indie Mac development community. Already the bundle features such beloved software as 1password, CoverSutra, Cha-Ching, iStopMotion, Awaken, AppZapper, TaskPaper, and as an added bonus, Speed Download. Plus, more applications are on their way… CSSEdit is just about to be unlocked for all customers, with Snapz Pro and Pixelmator as the next two unlock apps.

The bundle is $49 for eleven applications. According to them, these applications individually cost $368.75, so you get a pretty good saving off them, and 25% of your $49 goes to a charity! You should check it out, even if you don’t buy anything. I paid my $49, and I’m glad I did.

15 Replies to “MacHeist II”

  1. $49 / 11 = $4.50? Something like that. That’s not a lot of money. Do any of the applications thwart my enemies? I’d like that.

  2. Have we heard about the MacBook Air? Do you really think Miles wouldn’t have been all about the live blogging on the Keynote Address? I mean, c’mon!

  3. Yeah…look…the guy with the $3000 suit is holding the door open for a guy who doesn’t make that in a year! Come On!

    Seriously, I was just testing you guys.

    I don’t know who you are Meek, but I like your style

  4. Hey, you’ll meet at the wedding! And you share your last name with each other….shall I say…meant to be? Except for that you’re both male and one is married…still.

  5. No, not “You’re married still” it’s “still…it’s meant to be”. I like that Miles’s blog comment area has become a sort of chat room.

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