NOTE: abbreviated post so I can get my life back I just want my kids back!

Christmas was good. We spent it the weekend previous at Hawarden, where there was an early Christmas on account of Adam and Cari being unable to be in town on the 25th. My big present there was a box of N* t-shirts. Holli did a good job of keeping me in the dark on it, and she contacted a number of people and sold them t-shirts – thoroughly undercutting any profit I hope to make off these shirts in the future. Just kidding!

Between Holli and I, we got a bathroom for Christmas. I also got Born Standing Up by (The) Steve Martin from A&C. It’s super awesome, though I haven’t had much time for it lately. Marissa got the big present: she got a new MacBook. She had to earn it, though. It was at the end of a long series of bogus presents, which was beautifully orchestrated by Larry “Puppetmaster” Gregg.

After Hawarden we went to Big Stone City. Bryce and Lindsey were back, so we got to see them. We had the usual get together at Grandma’s which ended in presents. Sue’s gift for us all was a used pack of cards. And then there was an iTunes gift card inside. I haven’t used mine yet. I’m waiting for the perfect moment. Holli and Lindsey both got presents from Sue this year.

Then it was back to the Val Rausch house. I got a snow globe, Extras Series 1 DVD, a movie trivia book, and a Garmin GPS unit from Mom. I was a little taken aback looking inside the box because half the stuff listed on the contents was missing. Then she mentioned the word “eBay”, and I knew the score. Still, the device is neat, and I definitely need to devote more time to playing with it.

The big present here went to (the youngest) Brenna. She got Rock Band for PS2. Good thing there’s a large living room there. We hooked it all up, and we played for a fair amount of time. It works with Guitar Hero II guitars, so we were playing bass, lead, drums, and had a singer. We all took turns and Dan and David and Tom came over.

Christmas Day, Holli and I headed to Sioux Falls. And a storm hit. We were driving 10 miles an hour at some points. We got to witness a collision, but thankfully made the trip just fine ourselves. The GPS brought us straight to Kevin’s place. There we had a great meal of prime rib and lobster tail. Holli and I were originally going to head to Madison, but we scrapped those plans pretty quick. At Karin’s, then, Holli broke out Pop 5, and it was a hit.

I’m sure there’s plenty I’m forgetting. It’s late at night, and all this last minute wedding stuff has a lot of us over-tired. All-in-all it was a good Christmas. Let’s do it again next year.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas”

  1. You two also NEED your sleep… so make it a priority. That way you can look like you want to marry each other in a week and two days! Weddings are a pain in the A** it is what you have to go through to torment each other for the rest of your lives happy thoughts!

  2. My mom got a big present also, probably more expensive than the Macbook, though not as “fun”. New furniture. Which I still need to test out! And Dad caught up to you with his gadgets, in getting an iPod Touch….

    Also, I want to note that I’ve been going to be between 10:15 and 11:15 every night since school ended. My problem is that it’s never a good night’s sleep and I wake up multiple times in the night. I *technically* get 8 hrs, but not uninterrupted.

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