I Got A New Job


Guess who’s re-employed? Me! Before Christmas, I had interviewed with two companies and had gotten two offers. One company was a smaller, web-centered, IT place. The other was a PR and marketing firm with a large web development department. I took a long time making my decision, crunching numbers, trying to decide what I absolutely needed to live on. There were a lot of factors to consider: the new apartment (which is a considerable change in rent charge), getting married, new bills, the possibility of a second income, and more. I finally accepted an offer from Lawrence & Schiller, the PR and marketing company, and they’ve welcomed me with open arms.

I really enjoy it there. It’s a great working environment that has the stability of a large company but the flexibility of a small company. I do web-related and programming-related tasks mostly. It was a slow first week, but it has now ramped up pretty well.

The only redeemable quality that my old job had was the people. I was good friends with everyone involved, and there were only a few of us, so that made us even tighter. I wondered how (and if) I would make friendships at my new place, but it’s still small enough that I had all kinds of people giving me wedding advice and asking how things went.

I love my new job.

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