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If anyone was going to ruin my bachelor party, it was going to be me. I have a bad habit when it come to people trying to do nice things for me; I don’t usually let them. That’s why, whenever anyone would ask me if I was excited for my bachelor party, I would tentatively respond with “Yeah…”. Not that I didn’t have the utmost faith in Bryce and Tony (and everyone else involved in the planning), but I had no faith in myself to actually let a group of people (guys, no less) devote an entire evening to me.

That being said, it was a great time. The first highlight of the night was Bob Davidson. That might sound strange, but Bob is a good friend, and I was really glad that he was able to make it. Of course the other highlights were everyone else in attendance: Bryce, Tony, Dan, and David.

First, Bob came over to my apartment in Madison, and we drove down to Sioux Falls together. Our first stop was Buffalo Wild Wings, pretty much the only place in town for wings that we yet know about. I ordered 6 Teriyaki and 6 Asian Zing. Bryce got really hot ones, and took them to go. Both Bryce and I were in tears. I ordered a Jack and Coke to drink, and the waitress, when she brought water, set a glass of water in front of Bob on a napkin, and then slid it over to me, and put Bob’s glass of water on the table without a napkin. This behavior made us think that he had somehow offended the young lady, but we decided not to address it.

After wings, we went to Nitwits Comedy Club, which is a couple blocks from our apartment, and we saw some stand-up. There were three performers: the first one was lame, the second one was good, and the last one was funny. I had some girly drinks there and made Bryce order them for me, which meant he had to order twice as much of his normal drinks to seem not gay in front of the wait staff.

After this, though, the plans were kinda up in the air. Dan had brought a PS3 with Rock Band, and the goal was to play it at the hotel, but the hotel didn’t have AV hookups. So, what to do? Rent a TV from Wal-Mart.

Yes, I said “rent”.

The way it works is that Wal-Mart’s return policy is pretty forgiving. At least, for now. We went in and picked out an SD TV to get. One that wasn’t so expensive that, if we couldn’t return it, we’d be stuck with a huge bill. Despite the rules, I called Holli. We were looking at HD TVs, and I thought, “Boy, those sure look nice.” I flirted with the idea of buying one. Holli told me what the wedding money that we had so far accumulated would buy, and she said she trusted my judgement. In the end, I wasn’t brave enough to actually buy one. We cavorted around town, but got to Best Buy too late. So it was back to Wal-Mart. We got the “perfect” TV and headed back to the hotel room.

Then we played Rock Band. It was that simple. The hotel room was nice, and there was a desk to put the TV on. Then we all took turns on the different instruments: guitar, guitar, drums, and microphone. Bob left first, because he had to work. Then Dan left. And eventually it was Bryce, Tony, David, and I. The next morning, Bryce returned the TV claiming, “I thought it was an HD TV.” The person responded that it doesn’t even say “HD” on the side. “I know. I’m retarded.”

That phrase apparently works for Wal-Mart’s return policy.

All-in-all, it was a fun time, and even though no one got so drunk they couldn’t remember the night, it was filled with wings, comedy, screwing “the man”, and video games; all my greatest passions with my greatest friends.

See the pictures in My Bachelor Party.

Author: Miles Rausch

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8 thoughts on “The Bachelor Party”

  1. pssh. you know there’s more than BWW for wings. :)

    You should know from Seth and I that TC’s servers some pretty BA wings.

    Glad you had a good time at your bachelor party, and that’s just hilarious on the rental tv!

  2. I think Wal-Mart takes anything back. One of these days when i have lots of money I’m going to see how far I can push Wal-Mart. I’ll buy things at other stores and see if they can be returned at Wal-Mart with the original receipt from said store. I heard one time that a guy brought a stray cat into Wal-Mart and got $20 for it.*

    *I didn’t actually hear that. But it’d be cool.

  3. Schaef somehow scratched one of his ps2 games he bought at best buy. So he took it to wal mart and returned it. True story

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