Hang On, Kids

New Year’s Eve

Group Photo!

New Year’s Eve was spent at Holly and Bob’s in Madison. It was a good night. We brought some games and enjoyed the excellent food that Bob and Holly prepared. Also, the Wilson’s from Seattle were out and that was a nice surprise. Congrats to them on the new bundle of joy!

2007 New Year’s Eve photoset

Bridal Shower


I kinda thought of Bridal Showers as the Bride’s realm. She goes, and gets a lot of really nice, practical, responsible gifts, and the guy, in turn, expects nothing cool. His reward for that is getting to stay home. This time it wasn’t true.

However, what also wasn’t true was that it sucked majorly. It was actually a pretty fun time. I was surrounded by women, what could be better? We played a game where Holli and I were asked questions (before hand) and people had to guess our answers. Some of the guesses were pretty interesting.

I tape part of it for the purposes of Newsbleep 105: Un-BRIDE-led. Because the episode was so long, I ended up not using much of it.

Bridal Shower photoset



Also, Holli and I got married. I can happily say that, almost two months later, things are still going very well between us. Seriously, getting married was a good choice. And it might sound sappy or whatever, but I’m really glad I found Holli and was able to start my life with her.

The wedding itself went very well, was decorated beautifully, and even had some surprises. We think (and hope) that everyone had as much fun as we did. Holli has a better write up.


Disney Hollywood Studios

Holli did a good job of writing about our Honeymoon. So, I’ll just give you my opinions on it. I loved it. I was skeptical, going down there. The last time I’d been to Disney World, I left with the feeling that there was nothing left for me to accomplish. This time when I left, however, I had a feeling that I’d be back.

Disney, like Apple, is very good with details. I was surprised at all the things that I noticed as design additions. Things that you don’t notice, that are designed to make a trip to Disney a great experience at a theme park.

Some of the things that Disney does:

  • Make long lines more tolerant by allowing FastPass
  • Make long lines even more tolerant by getting people under shelters as soon as possible (and intestine winding them to save space)
  • Make the surroundings for every line interesting: TV screens, funny signs, actors, the ability to see portions of the ride they’re about to go on, etc.
  • Bathrooms every 100ft
  • Water fountains by every bathroom
  • Food stands of varying speed, cost, and menu scattered throughout the park

So, yeah. I spent our Honeymoon being a nerd and learning about theme parks.

Also, it was really awesome being the masters of our vacation. That’s not to say that my parents or Holli’s parents are bad at vacation planning, but it is so liberating to be in full control of the itinerary. We decided when to get up, where to go, how long to spend at a particular place, and when to come back.

Photos, which I’ve posted before, are below:

Our Honeymoon – Day 1: Airports, All-Star Music Resort, Disney Hollywood Studios

Our Honeymoon – Day 2: Disney Magic Kingdom

Our Honeymoon – Day 3: EPCOT, Downtown Disney, Boma’s

Our Honeymoon – Day 3 – Diana+

Our Honeymoon – Day 4: Disney Animal Kingdom with Albie

Our Honeymoon – Day 4 – Diana+

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  1. I think part of the reason why you liked Disney so much, is because I was there! yay :)

    And getting married was a great choice. And you’re lucky to have found me.

    But not as lucky as I am to be married to you.


  2. I’m so proud of you Miles, you’re getting up to date. Slowly, but surely.

    I had a great time at your winter wedding. Thanks for having me.

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