Day 14: Rockin’ the Suburbs

Rockin’ the Suburbs (2001)

This song highlights Ben Folds’s ability to be joking at the same moment that he isn’t. This is an “angsty” song about the pressures of being white and middle class. This appeals particularly to those who ARE white and middle class because we feel left out of the “my life sucks” party. Ben gently lays out our own problems: hemorrhoids, needing record producers, people cutting into the line at Mickey D’s, the history of slave ownership, and (of course) the music of Bon Jovi.

In true passive-aggressive fashion, he simply laments that he is “rockin’ the suburbs” much like bands before him, except that they were talented. In fact, this song is so angsty that the lead instrument is guitar, not piano. And the way he resolves all that angst? By “cussing on the mic tonight”.

Do it, Ben. The worst they can do is take away your allowance.

listen here – may contain strong language

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  1. After this song, I looked at everyone I could see in the crowd…and they all where middle class and white, but not necessarily male.

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