Day 15: B****es Ain’t S**t

Supersunnyspeedgraphic, The LP (2006)

You know a song is good when two of the words are mostly *s and the other one is grammatically incorrect. This is another cover. The track is originally by NWA. So, how do you take a ganstah rap song and make it a piano ballad? Very carefully (and with a LOT of street cred).

On the first listen, if you get past the language, it almost puts you in giggles. On every other listen, it makes you want to pour some out for yo homies. That he performs this straight-faced is a testament to how often he’s performed it and how much he believes in it.

listen here – DOES contain strong language

Author: Miles Rausch

I've made a smart playlist of all the songs with 0 plays. I listen to them because I feel bad for them not because I like the music. I'm THAT guy.

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  1. The second time I heard this song was at the concert. The first was in the car on the way to the concert. I said “wow” a lot.

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