Better Together.

From the Sioux Falls Green Project:

Now there’s a place to dialogue with other Sioux Falls residents about your efforts to go green. Today we launched a new section of our web site where you can:

  • Share your best ideas
  • Read others’ success stories
  • Find resources for going green or
  • Ask an expert a question.

Check out the Sioux Falls Green Community here!

2 Replies to “Better Together.”

  1. I was actually going to ask the same thing. I think this site has a very cool look and it’s a great idea too. This is a much better way of channeling our nation’s green-hysteria than a barrage of ads that don’t inspire people to do much more than acknowledge that there’s a problem. Good work Miles.

    Go green or die! (I’d like to see more ads that take on this mantra, by the way).

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